The ninth edition of the São Paulo International Music Week will take place from December 1st to 5th and, this time, the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS gains body and new partners to reveal new trends and artistic movements.

With an initial forecast of 15 candidates, the choice was even more comprehensive, contemplating 18 names. On November 12th, the finalists were announced. They will perform for ten minutes in front of a panel of experts and music buyers, representatives from labels, recording companies, agencies, concert halls, and events from several parts of Brazil and the world. Three festivals, the Lisbon International Music Networking (MIL), from Lisbon, Portugal, the the Festival SeRasgum and (Belém, PA) and Festival CoMA (Brasília, DF), will be present with the mission of choosing one artist each to compose their lineups in 2022 with tickets paid by SIM São Paulo! The presentations will take place on December 02, 03 and 04, at 7pm, online through the platform of lives Taboom! (

Com apenas 17 anos de idade e mais de 8 dedicados à música, a cantora, compositora e produtora piracicabana Bebé foi uma das escolhidas para participar do PITCH DE NOVOS ARTISTAS, e tem chamado a atenção pelo talento e timbre de voz que já foi comparado a divas do Jazz, gênero sempre presente em sua formação. “Minha escola é o jazz desde os 8 anos de idade e assim ao longo da vida tive algumas experiências de me apresentar com algumas orquestras, como a Brasil Jazz Sinfônica na Sala São Paulo e ser entrevistada pelo Jô Soares”, conta.

Born into a family of musicians, in 2016 the singer took part in the programme The Voice Kids, on which occasion she received a standing ovation and enthusiastic praise from the jury. In 2020, in another performance with Brasil Jazz, the singer took part in a special show in honour of women alongside names such as Fafá de Belém, Roberta Sá, Leila Pinheiro, Luiza Possi, Ana and Vitória and Elba Ramalho.

And in July 2021, Bebé releases the debut album, which takes his name and brings special participations by Ana Frango Elétrico, Fabriccio, Vitor Milagres and Lello Bezerra and production by Sergio Machado Plim. "The album, as an experimental process, proposes a new aesthetic with references to musical genres such as Indie Pop, House, Trap Industrial and R&B, within this, in the lyrics I question myself about the realities existing in my maturation and self-knowledge process, such as the uncertainty of the future, self sabotages, dreams, anxieties and insecurities. The Plim instigated me to produce and communicate with machines and beat softwares too, so I signed the musical production of the track Sinais Elétricos na Carne"After the release, I feel very happy and comfortable in the authorial environment because I believe that the people and the media received my sound in a positive way! The feedbacks and articles such as Cultura Livre, Moonkeybuzz, Popload's List, Bubblegum, etc... and now the Pitch from SIM São Paulo, are opening many paths".

Bebé talks about the importance of participating in the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS and tells how he received the news: "Just after a show, I received a call from a friend with the news. I was in shock! Hahaha. The importance for me is the opportunity for visibility as an independent artist, expand, evolve my sound and artistic career. Being able to do what I most want in life, playing this sound around. I'm going to present my videoclip which is part of the album launch and an excerpt of a live performance.

Good luck to Bebé!

Listen to more songs by Bebé here:


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