SIM São Paulo was nominated for Music Cities Awards , in the category “Best use of music in cities and towns with more than 500 thousand inhabitants ”. According to Fabiana Batistela, director of SIM, this is a special moment. Although they have already competed for eight other awards, of which they won three, this one presents a greater challenge.

“This is our first international nomination. And this category is very special, because we always believe that music fulfills three functions, market and economic development, the other is identity, culture, art and finally social transformation. And when you have an event like SIM, you can activate these three fronts of music very well in a city like São Paulo. An international recognition of this level for SIM only proves that we are on the right path, of using music as a market agent, culture, art and social transformation not only for the music industry but for the city as well ”, explains Fabiana.

And when there is an event like SIM in the city, there is a movement in various sectors during the days when it takes place: logistics, hotel occupation, transport and the use of concert halls with special programs. “SIM São Paulo uses the city as a scenario, we don't hold an event, we don't set up a stage where people go, we use the real stages, which already exist in the city and that stimulates the movement of these houses”, says Fabiana.

In that year, with the social distance imposed by the pandemic, SIM São Paulo faced the enormous challenge of making a totally virtual edition, something totally new and different from the mission assumed in previous editions, of using the musical ecosystem to expose the programming and expand the understanding of the mechanics of São Paulo night for the public, participants and international guests. “The city night is very important for the city of São Paulo, it generates many jobs, a lot of tourism, a lot of development, taxes, it is a big industry for the city. And SIM uses this night to show these people who are circulating, interested in news, how the houses are, how the nights work and how the mechanics of it all are, besides that it discusses a lot the aspects and issues relevant to the cities, not only São Paulo, but the various musical cities or various music projects, various music events that manage to transform and change the infrastructure of a city in a positive way ”, says Fabiana.

“Our primary goal for the awards is to really use them to promote awareness and understanding of the topic of musical cities around the world, to help inspire and motivate more individuals, organizations and cities to focus on that. We really want everyone interested in the music ecosystem of a place to understand the benefits and power of music, ”explains Luke Jones, CEO of Music Cities Events.

The Music Cities Awards will have nine categories and the candidates were defined in two rounds of voting. The choice of winners will be decided by a body of ten experts from around the world and different approaches within the theme of musical cities, including names like Al Bell, former president of the Stax and Motown record labels, and Brian Ritchie, bassist from Violent Femmes. "Our goal was to create a jury that would cover as many different areas of a musical ecosystem as possible, across all continents and be fully balanced in terms of gender and ethnicity." Says Luke Jones.

SIM São disputes the prize with Fundación Batuta (Colombia) and Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), and the result will be known in a virtual ceremony on September 23rd. “There will be a full day of webinars starting at 12:15 UTC and ending at 19:30 UTC. There will be a talk for each award, with all of our nominees participating in their webinar for a discussion, before the moderator announces the winner at the end of each talk, ”explains Luke Jones.

To participate in the live ceremony and get all the information, just register through this link


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