The ninth edition of the São Paulo International Music Week will take place from December 1st to 5th and, this time, the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS gains body and new partners to reveal new trends and artistic movements.

With an initial forecast of 15 candidates, the choice was even more comprehensive, contemplating 18 names. On November 12th, the finalists were announced. They will perform for ten minutes in front of a panel of experts and music buyers, representatives from labels, recording companies, agencies, concert halls, and events from several parts of Brazil and the world. Three festivals, the Lisbon International Music Networking (MIL), from Lisbon, Portugal, the the Festival SeRasgum and (Belém, PA) and Festival CoMA (Brasília, DF), will be present with the mission of choosing one artist each to compose their lineups in 2022 with tickets paid by SIM São Paulo! The presentations will take place on December 02, 03 and 04, at 7pm, online through the platform of lives Taboom! (

Amongst those selected is the band from São Paulo Abacaxepaemerged in 2015 at the College for Acting, where the members met and soon identified personally and professionally. "Between 'jams' in the corridors of college and musical meetings, the seed of the band was born", explains vocalist Carol Cavesso. The group soon began to do shows and gain recognition in the São Paulo scene, and soon recorded their first singles,  Pimenta and O Dia Que Maria Levantou.

After a period in an acoustic format, in 2017 the band moved to a full band model with bass, drums, guitar, keyboard and three lead voices. With the new structuring, they recorded their first E.P. in 2018 and their first album, Caroço, of 2019. "This formation allows the vocal trio to play in harmonization with personality in the vocal arrangements, along with the instrumentalists who bring the Brazilian popular music in the sounds proposed by the bass, drums and percussions, and also in the electric and modern timbres of the guitar and keyboard. With three vocalists and four instrumentalists, the band has a sound with touches of tropicalism, which together with the discussions of the present time make an ode to irreverence, to the visual and sonic deconstruction, to the non-protagonization of a single voice, to the eternal change of perspectives, and to the experience of watching unforgettable shows, sharing an experience together with the public", explains Carol.

With shows performed on various stages throughout Brazil, the band has also made numerous special appearances alongside names such as Rodrigo Alarcon (with Phil Veras, Renata Éssis, Liniker and Hotelo), Francisco el Hombre (with Tássia Reis, Liniker, Ekena, Luê, Lucas Fresno and more), Trupe chá de boldo, Samuca e a Selva, As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira, Filipe Catto, among others.

Happy with the approval for the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS, Carol comments: "It is a very important opportunity for us and for our colleagues, for whom we are also very happy to see approved. Our idea is to present a compilation of records of live shows and lives that we did throughout the trajectory of the band, in order to also show a little of the experience that we bring in the 'live', which in our understanding, is the time when the band stands out more. And he adds: "Pitch is a fundamental platform for independent artists to reach new eyes, and consequently new contacts and possibilities. It is a meeting of different cultural niches, where artists meet other artists and potential contractors. Furthermore, each artist has the opportunity to present themselves, through their own point of view, in their own words, which becomes a very important showcase for people who don't know much about an artist's work to delve deeper into it. This is exactly our expectation, that we can present ourselves, tell our story from our point of view, tell about prospections, desires, expose our truths together with other artists that we admire a lot".

Good luck to Abacaxepa!

Listen here to more songs from Abacaxepa:

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