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By Ana Morena

I never give advice, even to avoid contradicting my grandmother (and any grandmother most likely) who repeated the maxim that advice if it was good would not be given, if sold. Grandma used to say this, usually upset because we don't hear her and prefer to risk chipping by making a decision that she already knew was going to go bad.

But I always like to share experiences, mine and that of other people because, perhaps, with real examples, it will be easier for the other to see himself in that and thus skip some steps of “chipping”.

I was once asked what to do to have a successful career. At first I was very honored to know that that person considered me successful, but it soon occurred to me that this is the crucial point for those who start in music and are quickly disappointed: feeling successful. And what does it mean to be successful? There goes everyone and what you want to achieve with work.

For example: I have a Cultural Combo that has been working with music and culture in this country for 20 years. We are based in the Northeast of the country, in Natal / RN, and our focus is to generate visibility for the Potiguar scene outside the state. I also have an instrumental rock band that lives on tour in Brazil and the world. I work with what I like, with people I respect and I am a fan and alive of music whether playing, undertaking or promoting and, even though I am not even close to the stability I would like, I do what I set out to do and I feel satisfied and happy. In my way of thinking, I have a successful career even though I am not, and I believe I will never be, rich or famous. And that is usually what most people consider to be successful in this capitalist model in which we live, which promotes the unbridled consumption of futility and the cult of celebrities.

Being successful is much more about what brings you happiness than about the numbers you reach. Often what is incredible for one artist can be death for another because despite this system repeating over and over that we are all the same, the truth is that we are nothing the same, we are absolutely different and unique. I know I'm not saying anything new, but it's always a good thing to remember.

So, if I were to give an advice it would be: think about it, about what brings you joy and happiness. Of course, your goal may be rich and famous (who never?), But what I have realized is that whenever the driving force is exclusively focused on numbers, whether profitable or popular, the possibility of frustration and fulfillment of content falling short is huge. The exceptions we see out there are just that, exceptions.

My driving force is commitment, focus and continuity with what brings me a feeling of "that's it!". And yours, what is?


Ana Morena is a producer, curator, musician and partner and creator of DoSol, a cultural combo. She is also a bass player for Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística and participates in other bands such as Talma & Gadelha, Aiyra and Bandíssima.


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