SIM Transforma is renewed in 2020 and brings actions that have covered neighborhoods on the outskirts of São Paulo in partnership with the Factories of Culture (Poiesis) in recent years to the virtual environment.

In addition to the video lectures, made available every two weeks on SIM's YouTube and on the Facebook of the Factories of Culture, the monthly online mentoring sessions are also part of this process.

Recognized professionals in their fields of expertise in music will be available to chat with artists, producers and collectives interested in entering the market.

The second takes place on July 29th and the confirmed mentors are: Anna Penteado (Vento Festival), Ciça Pereira (Zeferina Produções, Afrotrampos), Dani Ribas (DATA YES, Sonar Cultural), Flavio Scubi ( Scubidu Music), João Bagdadi Neto (RISCO Label), Juli Baldi (Bananas Music Branding, Festival Map), Marina Amano (Listo Music), Nando Machado (ForMusic), Pedro Antunes (Has A Cat In My Record Player, Rolling Stone Brasil ), Renata Gomes (DATE YES, World of Music, Women In Music Brasil), Verônica Pessoa (World Scenes)

Each participant will have the opportunity to discuss their career and projects with one of the mentors in video chat for 20 minutes, between 2pm and 8pm.

To participate, click here and fill in all the details , signaling which of the professionals you are interested in talking to and your preferred time range.

Entries can be made until July 15th.

Those selected will be notified by e-mail by July 20 and must reply to the message within 24 hours, to confirm their participation.

Remember that the alignment of agendas involves several people, between mentors and mentors, and agility in returns is essential. If there is no response or the selected cannot participate in the activity, other subscribers will be invited.

The list of artists, producers and / or collectives that will participate in the mentoring will also be published on

Sign up and participate!


Anna Penteado is a producer, curator and responsible for Vento Festival. He works on several fronts, producing audiovisual content, artists, teaching and always researching new sounds. She also advises brands, artists, agencies and in 2020 began to manage the career of artist Tiê.

Ciça Pereira she is a founding partner of the artistic and sociocultural producer Zeferina Produções, who manages careers, projects and commercial representation of artists, such as Fabriccio, Mulamba, Quebrada Queer and others. She also works as an educator in the Jovem Monitor Cultural program, of the Municipal Secretary of Culture - SP, a program that serves and trains peripheral young people aged 18 - 29, for the cultural market. She is also the creator of the AFROTRAMPOS initiative, a network project that supports black entrepreneurs and professionals, and which today has more than 30,000 people involved.

Dani Ribas é diretora de pesquisa do DATA SIM e diretora da Sonar Cultural Consultoria e Pesquisa. Ela também presta consultoria a artistas, selos e managers, e dá cursos on-line sobre Empreendedorismo e Planejamento na Música, Remuneração na Música, Gestão de Carreiras, Gestão de Projetos, Relacionamento com Público e Relevância Artística.

Flávio de Abreu is in charge of Scubidu Music, a music agency specializing in international tours, labeling and career management, and is an entrepreneur for the legendary musician Hermeto Pascoal and singer and songwriter Anelis Assumpção.

João Bagdadi Neto he is an entrepreneur of the artist Luiza Lian and a partner of the RISCO label, a phonographic platform responsible for launching albums by several independent artists, including: Ana Frango Elétrico, O Terno, Maria Beraldo, Tim Bernardes, Jonas Sá and Luiza Lian.

Juli Baldi is a DJ, music researcher, broadcaster and creative director of Bananas Music Branding, a music curation company for brands.

Marina Amano is the founder of Listo Music, a digital marketing agency that specializes in music and content release strategies and has casting artists like Rashid, Tuyo, Recayd Mob, among others. In addition, Marina is an entrepreneur for Tuyo, Felipe Flip, Óbvio and Sandro.

Nando Machado leads ForMusic, a marketing, promotion and distribution services agency for artists and labels, and represents the largest independent labels in the international market.

Pedro Antunes is a music journalist and maintains the program Tem Um Gato na Minha Vitrola, where every day a new album, artist, single or EP is analyzed via Instagram stories. Currently also editor-in-chief and presenter of the Rolling Stone Brasil YouTube channel.

Renata Gomes is a master in communication and a marketing specialist. She is currently a project manager at DATA SIM, curator of São Paulo Tech Week and is on the board of the NGO Women in Music Brasil.

Veronica Pessoa creates and conducts cultural projects and researches business models within the scope of culture, mentoring with a focus on career development for artists and consulting for companies that invest in music in Brazil. He is a journalist and presents the radio program Cenas do Mundo, which features artists from different countries. She was an entrepreneur for artists like Marcelo Jeneci, O Terno and Filipe Catto, and worked with artists like Chico César and Arnaldo Antunes, among others. She was responsible for the birth of Aceleradora Natura Musical, which works with projects sponsored by the brand.

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