Created in September to be a connection and business platform for professionals in the music market, SIM Community is a place that allows contact with new ideas and opportunities, it is also an excellent place to publicize or create new projects, stimulate dialogues and debates and from January 2021 onwards to access exclusive content that includes training and connection activities throughout the year.

We talked to two subscribers to find out how the experience of being part of this community has been. “The experience was very positive. I tried to make the most of the activities. It served to inform me, get to know some new tools, or give a new look to those I already knew. I was able to hear different opinions, in addition to knowing more about the musical activity in Brazil, which has its particular characteristics, quite different in some aspects from the rest of Latin America ”, says the Argentine musician Max VdH, who adds:“ I met very interesting musical projects and I was able to connect with a cultural sector that was somewhat hidden from me. I also felt accompanied by people from different backgrounds and musical styles, but with interests similar to mine ”.

The Brazilian Ericsson Castro says that, despite knowing SIM São Paulo since the first edition, only this year he decided to participate: “I found the proposal to use the Community as a social network with the possibility of posts and inbox messages very cool. My opinion is that the experience is very pleasant. I made many contacts, including with people who were previously inaccessible, I think that contact in a more professional environment works better ”. When asked what he likes most about the SIM Community, Ericsson says he appreciates groups where there is a greater focus on specific issues.

“I really enjoyed being able to meet people from different parts of the world with interesting ideas, thoughts and interests similar to mine, and thus being able to feel a little less alone in this type of struggle than we, especially musicians, who are far from the most developed cultural centers. , we have to face it ”, says Max.“ I liked the human group, the affection of many people who participated in it. As I mentioned in one of the last meetings, I realized that I was going to miss those people that over the month started to be part of my routine and that I was already starting to feel closer to them. I believe that the bonds generated between people in this type of event are one of the most important things, in addition to musical styles or the relationship with the world of music. And I would like to highlight the humility and generosity of the majority of participants, even from professional musicians who travel the world or people who work in important companies in the market. I will continue to visit the platform frequently to keep myself informed ”, he adds.

Ericsson will also continue to use the platform, "first exchanging information and ideas about the music market, making contacts and cultivating connections, to transform this into future business".

To be part of this community, you have two subscription options, monthly (R $ 15) or annual (R $ 165), which can be done through from this link. And a great option is also the promotional ticket SIM Catch Up, which can be purchased on this link for R $ 180 and in addition to the Community subscription, guarantees access to all SIM 2020 content until the end of January.

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