The impact of COVID-19 on the world economy is unprecedented and unexpected. While a portion of the population simulates a certain normality and tries to adapt their business and their life to a new reality, some sectors, which include musical events, festivals and nightlife face a greater challenge, since they depend on the presence of a large number of people to that may occur and become economically viable.

There is no prediction about the return to normality or whether this will really happen, but it is becoming more and more urgent to discuss solutions that allow the maintenance of the thousands of jobs that depend on this sector and to establish parameters so that this entire culture remains. alive.

In response to this vulnerability, a global collaboration was created, led by VibeLab, which brings together academics, activists, researchers and people related to cultural and entertainment activities for the elaboration of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP), which intends to create guidelines that can help and inspire professionals and authorities to find solutions to improve the economy and help save nightlife.

Merlijn Poolman, of the Night Council of Groningen, in the Netherlands, who was a speaker at SIM 2019, is one of those involved in the elaboration of the fifth chapter of this project that will deal with finance in times of crisis. He expresses great concern in the face of all the uncertainty that we are experiencing and says that, like many others, he believes that COVID-19 will bring permanent consequences to the sector, in different areas.

To help understand this impact, a survey was created that aims to listen to night workers, ranging from musicians and DJs to those responsible for cleaning and maintaining nightclubs. The questions are available in several languages, including Portuguese, and can be answered at the following address:

Poolman says these few questions will help to understand the impact on the sectors, which are perhaps the hardest hit by this global crisis and that all this data will be widely shared with everyone who can collaborate in any way to recover the economy of nightlife. And take the opportunity to ask for our help to spread this research throughout Brazil.

The first chapter of the GNRP talks about the importance of outdoor events, which can become a viable option for nightclub owners and event promoters to remain active and meet the demand for social activities combined with guidelines that make these activities safe in pandemic times. The manifest can be accessed on the website  (in English).


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