In the year that the Earth stopped, the 8th edition of São Paulo International Music Week expands in time and space to explore new opportunities in the digital world and to propose the use of music as a tool for building a more humane future.

Music Breathes. Pulsates. Exudes.
By Pedro Antunes

Music is alive because you are alive. Despite so much, we are alive. Together, although distant. We have struggled so much over the years, haven’t we? Today we fight for life. For humanity. A virus punishes us and, although, there are those who call it “the little flu", we knew that it would not be just that. It would be necessary to fight it in any way possible, even avoiding to leave the house to minimize the spread to yours and your neighbors. Music sacrificed itself for the benefit of everyone.

The next one. I spend my days thinking about this character not necessarily with a face. It could be my own mother or yours, the neighbor pianist or the neighbor who cleans on Saturday mornings to the sound of ‘pagode’ music. We are no longer here on our own. We are for another that we never knew, but who is also counting on us. That is humanity. It is what unites us in the most intimate of times.

SIM São Paulo takes a deep breath. Last year, the theme was “The World discussing the Future of Music / Music discussing the Future of the World”. International Music Week was never stuck in a box, however, was focused only on business. Of course, it is a focused event within the international conference circuit including the market, and also includes all of the biases within this macro-environment of the music industry. That is why, in the face of a 2020 that is so inhumane in so many ways, SIM São Paulo has a new focus: you, me, and all of us.

The future is human. It is flesh and blood. It is a beating heart. It is a mind that perseverates for days until you have that idea that sounds great. It is a mind that freaks out the next day when you no longer think that the idea is so great. It is a body that sweats and enjoys. It is feeling, longing, loving, compassion, empathy, desire, lust. It is that shiver that runs through the body when we hear music that reminds us of a forgotten memory.

Therefore, SIM expands in time and space. It will be the most prized edition of our eight years of existence, if we stay together to enjoy this new multi-platform and multi-dimensional experience. Our website becomes a portal for news and content. Our Virtual Pro-Area, a community for artists and professionals from all over the world: the SIM Community. The International Music Week, well, that won't fit in seven days anymore and will stretch beyond thirty Earth rotations. Which, by the way, also is round and very much alive.

In 2020, SIM maintains its voluminous artistic, professional, networking and business program, but it will distribute its activities between November 3rd through December 6th. There will be more than 70 panels, including lectures, keynotes, debates, workshops, meetups, pitch sessions and Q&A, as well as speed-meetings with national and international guests. More than 300 performances by artists from all over the world for the daytime showcases in the collaborative program, networking cocktails, including all of this in one digital environment, www.simsaopaulo.com, but with more human content than ever.

If the future is not human, what good is it all? We will use technology in favor of people on both sides of the screen because it is all one big ecosystem and one part cannot work without the other: producers, promoters, journalists, artists, technicians, lighting specialists, innovators, activists, transformers, people, so many people who breathe, think and build together.

At SIM São Paulo there is an understanding of a large music community. Of course, our focus is on the future of the industry, but our idea also revolves around humanity and of thinking and creating tools to help the existence of a better society. Music revolves around other markets in the economy, such as tourism, which directly affects the generation of jobs and establishes a cultural identity which is also important for Brazil's image abroad, especially when the country has been viewed with such suspicion looks from the outside. Nevertheless, music has the power to transform lives, form better citizens and generate new futures.

It is crazy to think that a virus has distanced us physically and he is the same responsible for bringing us even closer. That is why the expansion of SIM São Paulo into such a broad digital environment, given this new social dynamic imposed by an invisible enemy, is so important. We have expanded the forms of participation in the 2020 edition and also our community. Now it will be possible to have access to music It is crazy to think that a virus has distanced us physically and that it is the same force which brings us even closer. That is why the expansion of SIM São Paulo into such a broad digital environment in the face of this new social dynamic imposed by an invisible enemy is so important right now. We expanded the forms of participation in the 2020 edition and also of our community. Now, it will be possible to have access to music professionals and exclusive content throughout the year with a monthly subscription to the SIM Community, in addition to the option to purchase separate tickets for the activities of each event. With the ‘Pro-Badge’, access is unrestricted and unlimited to the networking platform and for 34 days even after the 8th edition of SIM. The entire musical program of the event is free for the general public and will be broadcasted on www.simsaopaulo.com.

A virus that kills and hurts us, as well as other social diseases, such as racism and machismo, both structural that also suffocate us. We are accosted on all sides, but we don't give up no matter how tiring it may be. We breathe, pulsate and exude music. Together.

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