Unlike previous editions, SIM São Paulo's programming now takes place throughout the year, within the SIM Community, offering numerous opportunities for connection training and professional expansion, discussions, reflections and constant interaction with professionals, artists and music transformers.

Find out what activities are confirmed for the month of February:

On February 4th, the Workshop Como Fica o Ao Vivo em 2001, with the participation of SIM São Paulo director, Fabiana Batistela, and Vander Lins, event coordinator for the city of São Paulo.

Day 11th happens the Meetup Internacionalização, with the participation of Daniel Nogueira (BMA / SP), Paula Rivera (INAMU / Argentina), Hernan Halak (Mundo Giras / São Paulo), Alejandra Gomez (Biche / MMF Latam / Colombia), Felipe França (Difusa Fronteira / SP), Ricardo Rosa (FUNCEB / BA), Octavio Arbelaez (Las Mercado Maps - Performative Arts of Atlantico Sur / Spain)

On the 18th the Speed Meeting Especial UK, a unique opportunity to get in touch with UK buyers, which has the following holdings: COM: Felipe Mina Calvo (ATC Live / UK), Lewis Robinson (Plus One Disc / UK), Andy Wood (Como No / Festival La Linea / UK), David Jones (Serious / UK), Ruari Frew (Jazz Cafe / UK), Sybil Bell (Independent Venue Week / UK)

And on the 25th, a Q&A com Marcel Klemm e Elisa Eisenlohr where you can ask questions, understand and answer questions about one of the most important publishers on the planet, Warner Chappel.

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