This Friday, the Pitch Session: Startups Of Music And Technology, in which eight projects, chosen from among all those enrolled, were presented for five minutes in front of an evaluation panel, which included Fabiana Batistela (SIM São Paulo), Aline Felix (CMO Very interesting / Branding & Influencer Marketing at Grupo Rái Ominichannel), Vinck de Bragança (ACE Aceleratech), Thales Bueno (Google for Startups), Rebeca Lisboa (Grupo Rede +), Igor Bonatto (Noodle), Kiki Isoda (Laikabot), Maite Larsan ( Secretariat of Innovation and Culture) and Denis Chama (Rad Lab), with presentation and mediation by Winny Choe.
After the presentations, there was a discussion period in which the bank had the difficult task of choosing the three highlights that were as follows:

A way to decentralize the traditional audio recording process in a physical studio, transforming it into a 100% online activity focused on the amateur artist, offering the service at a fair price, anywhere in the world.

Socio-educational action whose main objective is to bring the knowledge of different professionals working in the music market, for female artists, who are starting their career. The project seeks to expand horizons, reveal talents and promote the citizenship of women and young musicians and artists, making them protagonists of their own journeys, by planting the seed of autonomy and productive inclusion within the scope of the music market.

Wow Rank is a solution / application that scores and rewards user movement on music streaming platforms based on the gamification system. It aims to strengthen the fanbase of artists, exploring the universe of fandoms through Machine Learning and Business Intelligence.

Mau Borelli, CMO and founding partner of Grave Online assesses the importance of participating in the pitch session: “It is extremely important to participate in an event with Sim SP, mainly because of the opportunity to expose and show our business model to the world, already that the event has a worldwide reach. In addition, every presentation of this type puts us to the test, brings new questions, improvements and new connections with incredible people, from artists, entrepreneurs, to great entrepreneurs in the business world ”, he says. CARU, creator of WOW Rank adds: “It is very important to have spaces like SIM SP to share new ideas, new possible projects. It is through exchanges such as those in the Pitching Session that we network to improve our project, and may even win over a future investor. In addition, it is a place of welcome and great confidence. As a woman, artist and entrepreneur, I increasingly look for support networks to grow in community and achieve. SIM is one of those networks that encourage people ”.
“Treinam is very aware of the behavior of the market a lot because it has a team of professional and award-winning women professionals who stand out for their constant research on how women can and should participate in a more active and enriching way in music business, due to the urgent need gender equity, colors and accents ”, says Julie Sousa, Idealizer, content curator and TREINAM community manager.

The three startups have quite different profiles and time of existence, but the three are already planning the future, seeking greater reach in their performance and growth as a company. “For the future, we have the opening of our Mexico unit, (beginning of the internationalization process), the second largest market in Latin America, after Brazil, significant improvements in the technology applications of the project, expansion of the commercial team, the team of producers musicals, partnership with influencers, intensification of marketing campaigns and the search for the first round of investment ”, says Mau Borelli. TREINAM has another focus on strengthening its actions: “We want to expand the Training platform and reach a greater amount of assistance to musicians, in addition to connecting with the biggest and most important agents in the music market. We are already alone and we believe that, with partnership and cooperation, everyone involved wins in this ecosystem that we create ”, says Julie Sousa.

With only one month of existence, WOW is in the structuring phase. “We want users to feel“ owners ”of the music business, in a transparent and horizontal way, with a sense of community. We want artists - especially independent ones - to have a direct and simple way to consolidate their fanbase and be able to monetize fandom, their realm of fans! We are finalizing the structuring of the business model to finalize the test version and make it available to the world. WOW Rank will arrive to put play at the center of the game !, says CARU, who adds: “I am delighted, because being recognized with WOW Rank, an application project that was born a month ago in a Hackathon, is sure that we are on the right path! It is indeed a gap in the market that we are going to fill. I feel very grateful for the opportunity given, I thank the bank, for the precious feedbacks and a strong hug in all the other Startups that presented themselves in the pitching. ”

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