SIM São Paulo when faced 2020's global challenge, reinvented itself and will have an all-digital event, has shown a concern since the beginning about inequalities. It was from this thought that SIM Transforma emerged and since 2015 has been breaking social and geographical barriers and enabling the recognition of artists from less favored regions through a partnership with Fábricas de Cultura, offering mentoring and guidance on career possibilities in the music industry, instructions to artists of a new emerging scene and belief in the power of social transformation through music.

“The music produced in the outskirts has always brought important innovations and revealed great artists to Brazilian music. It's natural that projects developed in peripheral regions are occupying prominent spaces in events that closely follow these innovations and transformations, such as SIM São Paulo. SIM Transforma itself has played an important role in connecting artists from these regions with music reference professionals. On one hand it contributes to the professional training of this artist and on the other it allows him to present his work to these professionals, who often also work as curators in different projects ”, comments Murilo Murah, Articulation and Dissemination analyst at Fábricas de Cultura.

SIM São Paulo 2020's edition will offer logistical support to four artists selected for presentations at official showcases, thus guaranteeing the best conditions and all the necessary structure. They are: Marabu, Rafaeu, Tinna Rios and Ma Boo.

Rafaeu, who besides being a singer also composes and arranges his songs, says that the expectation for the performance is high: “This will be my first performance with an adequate structure, I am preparing a lot”. Rafaeu's musical career is the fulfillment of a dream. In 2017 he started a project on YouTube, where he mixed poetry and images. “There I talked about what it is like to live in a prejudiced, racist and homophobic city, and with this project I managed to express myself artistically for the first time. From then on, the desire to sing resurfaced, which I had since childhood, but it seemed like something I could never validate ”. But he says that then he started chasing, learned singing, did theater, learned to express himself on a stage and finally in 2018 released his first song, Migué, which he defines as a mixture suddenly with maracatu and influences from Elza Soares and Sabotage. Another part of this story will be written in the presentation he will make at the SIM official showcases.

With more stage experience, singer Ma Boo wants to show the essence of her first album, Brazuca, which will be released soon and promises unpublished songs to be presented at SIM's official showcases, saying that his music is very linked to Afrofuturism, and that it mixes Northeastern rhythms with the essence of the African Diaspora.

Ma Boo has always been concerned with thinking about the collective, and sees in the presentation an opportunity to give voice and visibility to the artists with whom he has a partnership and who participated in his album. For SIM showcases, she invited Peeh Augusto, Fúria, Gabi D’Oyá and Jovem do Blues.

Another participant, the singer Marabu, says that even in this context of the pandemic, the year was very productive. He participated in the Collection Células and at the end of the year he released his first solo album, produced by Levi Keniata and in partnership with Victoria Nazura, who is taking care of the entire visual part of the project. "When I touch SIM, the album will have already been released, so it will be important, it will be the first show on my album" he says. “When I'm on a stage, my expectation is to create real connections, with real people, I try to awaken new emotions and help people to create new perspectives for their conception of art, of life, of their trajectory”, Marabu says he is working on double to make a beautiful presentation. “It is a very good opportunity to establish connections with people in the music market, who, if they create some identification with my work, can help us get to other places. I am very grateful to SIM São Paulo for building these bridges ”, he concludes.

Tinna Rios, says she says she signed up last year and was very sad because she wasn't selected, and that year she signed up without much expectations. “When I received the email, I didn't believe it, I was very happy because of everything that has happened in my life. I postponed my career for a long time as a singer, I just decided that this is what I want in my life for three years and since then I have been striving to improve, to learn to be a better artist every day. Being at SIM made me very happy, this is a result of what I'm looking for ”, she says. Recently Tinna released the music video Mi Corazón. “I did it at home with my dogs and the chicken, something a little crazy that shows my personality”, he amuses himself. Among the future plans, is a collaboration with the rapper Sobrenome De Mello, which comes out in October. In November she releases a song with a strong message for Black Awareness Day and in January she releases Meu Momento, a song written in partnership with DJ Rob-Z, from Brasília, but this time, with a different sound, more electronic.

The official SIM 2020's showcases will count on the participation of 44 artists from 11 different countries and will take place on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of December, from 2pm to 8pm, within the program of the event, transmitted through the SIM portal.

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