In addition to the artistic issue, music involves many other sectors, it generates jobs, it moves the economy, it is a powerful transforming agent and each day it generates new challenges, at every moment a new debate, a new perspective and countless possibilities arise.

Because of this complexity, and with the desire to reflect the multiplicity of the various sectors and the different views of the market, in 2015 the director of SIM São Paulo, Fabiana Batistela, created the Advisory Council of SIM São Paulo, which brings together leading professionals , who work in different sectors of the music industry, so that together they help to format each edition of SIM and can collaborate with the programming of panels, lectures, debates, workshops and showcases.

In 2021 the council is expanded, with 56 members who will certainly help to build an increasingly plural and contemporary SIM.

Meet the professionals who are part of the 2021 Advisory Council:


AD JUNIOR he is head of marketing for Trace Brasil, communicator and presenter, consultant in diversity and inclusion and known for being an important reference in the production of anti-racist content on social networks for over 10 years.

ALINE FELIX she is Founder of Alcalina - Consulting for Artistic Commercial Performance, Connector between Brands & Personas and active in Branding & Influencer Marketing in the Brazilian and international scene. Aline is a Communicator, internationalist with an MBA in International Business, passionate about art / music and communication. Over the past 15 years she has worked in Multinationals focused on commercial relationships in the international market. A few years ago, she started working directly on digital strategy with major brands, collaborated for the projection, creation and execution of digital campaigns. In music, Aline (or Alina, as she is known in the market) acts directly with the Music Influencer & Special Projects slice - making connections and showing ways to create partnerships with brands.

ANA GARCIA she is the director of the No Ar Coquetel Molotov festival and works in the executive production of the Virtuosi Festival. Winner of the WME Awards 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, she has produced tours for countless foreign artists such as Beirut, Ibeyi, Sebastian Tellier, Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Fanclub and Brazilians like Thiago Pethit, The Band of Joseph Tourton, Barro and others.

ANA MORENA is a partner and creator of DoSol, a cultural combo that turns 20 in 2021 and involves a label, festival, incubator and various cultural projects. She also acts as a producer and curator, is a bassist for the Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística and participates in other bands such as Talma & Gadelha, Aiyra and Bandíssima.

ANNA PENTEADO is a producer, curator and responsible for Vento Festival. She works on several fronts, producing audiovisual content, artists, teaching and always researching new sounds. She also advises brands, artists, agencies and in 2020 began to manage the career of artist Tiê.

BIA NOGUEIRA is a singer, actress, songwriter and producer. She creator and artist of Coletivo Immune and is also part of Sonora and the band Yônika. In 2018, she released the CD Diversa. And in 2020 she participated in the album “História da Minha Área” by rapper Djonga.

BRANCA SCHULZ is from Ijuí / RS, is Founder of Fora do Eixo and Mídia NINJA, Manager of NINJA Hacker Space and Propulsion Zone and founder of Re / system, the House software of Mídia NINJA. She currently coordinates the development of the platform and She has a PhD in Sevirology and development and has the mission to work for the democratization and humanization of making and using technology. She performs functions in different areas of technology such as: Product Manager, Information Architect, Project Management, Scrum, Product Owner, Data Analyst.

BRUNO NOGUEIRA is a journalist, PhD in Communication from the Federal University of Bahia, with a Post-Doctorate in Social Communication from UFPE. He is currently a professor in the Graduate Program in Music at UFPE and also in the Department of Communication where he coordinates a research on the different relations between public policies and music in Brazil. As a journalist he worked for the newspapers Folha de Pernambuco, Diario de Pernambuco, Jornal do Commercio (PE); A Tarde (BA) and Folha de S. Paulo, in addition to the magazines Rolling Stone, Continente (from PE) and the late “UmaCoisa”. He was also a curator and producer at the Abril Pro Rock festival (2005-2010) and a collaborator at the Rec-Beat and Molotov cocktail festivals.

CAMILO ROCHA is a journalist, DJ and music researcher with 30 years of experience in Brazil. Today he is a special reporter for Nexo Jornal, where he covers culture, music and technology. Pioneer of the electronic music scene in the country, he has already performed as a DJ at Rock In Rio, Virada Cultural, Skol Beats, Universo Paralello, Capslock, Selvagem and VoodooHop.. 

CAROL DE AMAR she is a cultural entrepreneur, creator of the Sarará Festival and a talent manager. Today, she works in the artistic direction of A Macaco Indústria Criativa, a constantly evolving entertainment producer, bringing people together around causes and in the career management of the band Lagum.

CAROL MORENA she is a cultural producer and one of the creators of the Radioca Festival, where she also curates and coordinates in general. Founder of Tropicasa Produções, she manages the career of Bahian singer and songwriter Ronei Jorge.

CHICO DUB is director and curator of the Novas Frequências Festival and music curator of the Centro Cultural São Paulo - CCSP.

CIÇA PEREIRA studied public policy at USP, is an entrepreneur, researcher and currently a partner-owner of the artistic and socio-cultural impact producer Zeferina Produções, who manages careers, projects and makes commercial representation of the artists Fabriccio, Mulamba, in addition to capturing and managing cultural projects. She is part of the SIM São Paulo commission, and is part of the international NGO WIM, where it strengthens women in the music market. She has already managed successful careers and other outstanding projects. In addition, she is the creator of the Afrotrampos network, which supports black and peripheral entrepreneurs.

CLAUDIA ASSEF she is a founding partner of the Women’s Music Event (WME) and coordinator of the Centro Cultural Olido, in São Paulo. Author of the books “Todo DJ Já Sambou” and “Ondas Tropicais”, she is also a DJ, a music producer, as well as a journalist with experience in the main Brazilian newspapers, magazines and websites dedicated to music. Currently presents the live Todo Mundo É DJ, every Thursday, on Facebook and Youtube ..

COY FREITAS he is artistic director and curator of the music platform Devassa - Tropical Transforma and was responsible for the vertical music at Twitch in Brazil and is the creator and curator of the Poplaje series that will debut on the platform. He is also the creator and show runner of The Beat Diaspora series (in production) for YouTube Originals, and takes care of SIM's strategic-commercial planning.

DANI RODRIGUES is a businesswoman at Rashid and director of Foco na Missão Produções e Merchandising, an office that manages the musician's career and his clothing brand. Since 2012, she has been an executive producer, being in charge of negotiations, planning and publicizing the rapper's work.

EVANDRO FIÓTI he is an artistic entrepreneur, musician, producer and artistic director. Together with his brother, Emicida, he created the label, publisher, producer and brand Laboratory Fantasma. He launched as an artist in 2016 with the EP Gente Bonita and toured stages in several cities in Brazil and the world.

FABIANE PEREIRA she is a journalist, presenter, music curator and screenwriter. She is a presenter and creator of Papo de Música and a columnist for Veja Rio. She also presents the Rio de Janeiro radio program FARO and the Palco Brasil program on Portuguese radio Marginal FM.

FABIO SILVEIRA is a music and release planning consultant, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Fast Forward podcast, as well as a producer of other podcasts. He was country manager for distributor Altafonte in Brazil and also marketing manager for the independent record company Deck. He is currently a podcast manager at Globo.

FABRICIO NOBRE is director of Festival Bananada, artistic programming consultant for the Vegas Group (Cine Jóia, Z - Largo da Batata and Bar dos Arcos) and founding partner of Braba Música, responsible for managing artists such as João Donato, Tulipa Ruiz, Felipe Cordeiro, Hellbenders and the Portuguese Paus and The Legendary Tigerman.

FELIPE FRANÇA GONZALES he is the director and founder of Difusa Fronteira, manager of the musical projects Francisco, el Hombre, Juliana Strassacapa, Sebastianismos and BABY; booker in Latin America for Lenine, Baleia and Muntchako; director and curator of the Mucho Festival and member of MMF Latam (Latin American Managers Association).

FLAVIA CESAR With 20 years of experience in the publishing market, she is Strategy, Commercial, Films and Synchronization Manager at Warner Chapell, dealing directly with record labels, film producers, advertising agencies and brands, acting as a “music supervisor” in several projects, in addition to help the publisher's A&R team. She was the winner of the WME Award for Best Music Entrepreneur of 2020.

FLAVIO SCUBI is in charge of Scubidu Music, a music agency specializing in international tours, labeling and career management, and is an entrepreneur for the legendary musician Hermeto Pascoal and singer and songwriter Anelis Assumpção.

GUTA BRAGA is a specialist in copyright in the digital age, has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years and has worked for major record companies, publishers and technology companies. Since 2012 she has been at the head of his company, MUSICA COPYRIGHT & TECNOLOGIA, which covers news from the music market, in addition to providing consulting services to companies in Brazil and abroad. She is a founder with friends of the FastFoward Podcast aimed at the music industry.

JULI BALDI she is the creative director of Bananas Music, a music curatorship company for brands and the Map of Festivals, search engine for music festivals. She also works as a consultant for festivals and conferences, artistic residencies and public notices. He worked as a broadcaster at Ipanema FM and Oi FM and signed the program of lectures on music at Festival Path for two years.

JULIANO ZAPPIAhe is a journalist and producer, providing bridges between Brazil and Europe since 2001. He is director of YellowNoises (Lisbon), JungleDrums (London) and Sete Mares (Brazil), working on international tours and special projects with Milton Nascimento, Criolo, João Donato , Mateus Aleluia, among others.

JUNIOR CARVALHO he is part of the Curatorship and Content team at Grupo Vegas, in the programming of Z-Largo da Batata and Cine Joia houses and coordinates the Projects / Partnerships and Employability front at Casa 1 (República de Acolhida, Cultural Center and LGBT Social Clinic).

KAREN CUNHA she is a curator, specialist in large events and creator of Flerte, a curatorial, consulting and cultural project management company. He worked for more than 13 years in the public power where he coordinated events such as Virada Cultural and Rua de São Paulo Carnival and idealized projects such as SP na Rua, Independence Culture Month among others.

KATIA ABREU is a journalist, producer and curator. She is a partner and executive producer of the festival Fora da Casinha and agent of the singer Bonifrate. She was communication coordinator for SIM São Paulo, artistic director of Dia da Música and collaborated with several media writing about music, culture and behavior. Currently, she is part of the Cultural Programming team of the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo and continues to work as a freelance journalist.

LIA VISSOTTO, 43 years old, is a manager and cultural producer graduated in Social Communication from the University of São Paulo, founding partner of Cinnamon Comunicação and founding director of the URBE Institute. Before opening Cinnamon, she worked for companies such as Columbia Pictures do Brasil, Cartão Unibanco, Super and America Online. He has already been responsible for the creation and production of more than 20 cultural projects, including Música Em Cena - 1st International Meeting of Film Music, with Ennio Morricone, Rebobine Por Favor - the exhibition, with Michel Gondry, It's Rock !, with Mick Rock, URBE - Public Art Exhibition (3 editions), CCBB Música.Performance (5 editions held with CCBB São Paulo), the Music Video Festival project (6 editions held at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo and 8 awards - mvf- awards) and the Björk Digital exhibition.

LU ARAUJO is the creator of MIMO Festival, one of the biggest Brazilian festivals, and is in charge of the companies Lume Arte and Marketing Cultural, Lu Araújo Produções Artísticas and the Crioula Records label. Music researcher and director of major festivals and events. She is also the author of the script, research and production of the documentary “We are a poem”, about the partnership between Vinicius de Moraes and Pixinguinha. She was the curator of the PIXINGUINHA exhibition, at the CCBB in Brasília, and was the organizer of the book “Pixinguinha, genius and time” and the album “Mundo de Pixinguinha”, in which the mandolin player Hamilton de Holanda joins the great names of music .

LILIAN FRAIJI she is a curator, cultural producer and environmental activist, based in Manaus, co-founder of the artistic residency LABVERDE and develops content involving art, environment and Anthropocene.

LUCIANA BAZANELLA is a futurist, master of communication and storyteller, and co-founder of White Rabbit, an agency that researches signs of the emerging future, connecting people with their own ability to act towards what they want, challenging the future as we know it.

MAITHÊ BERTOLINI is a cultural producer and content manager at SIM. She also produces the Activated Festival and was a partner and programmer of the GiG cultural space, both in São Carlos, where she participated in the development of public policy projects for culture as President of the Municipal Council for Solidarity Economy.

MARI MARTINEZ is a journalist, graduated from PUCRS, and has worked in the management of public policies for culture for 10 years, developing works such as the Permanent Forum of Economy of Culture in the Legislative Assembly of RS and the transversal program RS Criativo for the State Government. She is the founder of Hub Criativo Marquise 51, where she develops projects, cultural exchanges and creative solutions for the music market. In partnership with the hub network, it manages and promotes artists from the south of Brazil and carries out initiatives such as the Morrostock Festival. She is currently an advisor to the Education and Culture Commission of the Legislative of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and works in defense of the development of the creative sector in Rio Grande do Sul. of Brazil.

MARINA AMANO is the founder of Listo Music, a digital marketing agency specialized in music and content launch strategies, working in planning, management of social networks, digital platforms and relationships with fan clubs and record labels. In addition, Marina is an entrepreneur for Tuyo, Felipe Flip, Óbvio and Sandro.

MARTÍN GIRALDO operates intersections of internet, music and street culture. He has worked in startups and projects in partnerships with institutions such as Red Bull (Brazil), Un-Convention (UK), British Council Colombia, Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, (Colombia) and StarMedia Networks (USA).

MAURÍCIO SPINELLI he is a cultural producer, music curator and press officer. PCD, has been in the industry for 15 years, creator of Rabixco Produção e Comunicação Criativa. He is manager of artists Romero Ferro and Ciel Santos, has been part of the Molotov Cocktail Festival since 2018 and was a curator of the Natura Musical 2020 Program.

MICHELLY MURY is the creator of Alfazema consultancy in inclusion and diversity for cultural projects. Currently, she is the Artistic Coordinator of Casa Natura Musical, one of the most important venues in São Paulo. She also acts as curator of the Festival TOCA (RJ) and Pipoca.Co (SP).

MONIQUE DARDENNE  she is co-founder of Women’s Music Event (WME) and music curator at Centro Cultural São Paulo. He has worked in the music market for over 10 years as a booker for national and international artists and as a career manager. She was Label Manager at Skol Music Platform and Director of WebTV Inglesa Boiler Room in Brazil.

MYLA HARDIE lives in Los Angeles and has 25 years of professional experience in the music field, on and off stage. He divides his time between his career as an artist and the administration of the Worldhaus Music label.

NANDO MACHADO leads ForMusic, a marketing, promotion and distribution services agency and represents in Brazil some of the largest independent labels in the international market, such as PIAS, Caroline Records, Cooking Vinyl, Domino, in addition to partnerships with BMG, Eleven Seven, Kobalt among other market agents and artists.

PAOLA WESCHER has been working for more than 18 years in the music industry. built brands like: Popload, Popload festival, Grls! brand experiences for: hnk, spotify, tnt, ray-ban, chilli beans, tanqueray and nubank. During all these years he promoted and booked + 100 national and international shows and tours in Brazil and South America.

PATRICKTOR4 is today one of the main Brazilian DJs and producers. He is responsible for the Tropical Ball, an itinerant party that has already circulated in more than 10 countries. He is the program coordinator for Frei Caneca FM, a public broadcaster in Recife, in addition to working in the collective Radialivres to promote and strengthen guidelines related to making radio.

PAULA ABREU she is the director of programming for the City Parks Foundation (CPF) and one of the curators of the iconic SummerStage and the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. With a master's degree in Performing Arts Administration from New York University, he has lived in New York since 2011 and has also worked at Lincoln Center and the Red Hot Organization.

PEDRO ANTUNES has been a music journalist for over 10 years. Since 2017, he has maintained the program Tem Um Gato na Minha Victrola, bringing daily doses of music to Instagram Stories. Having worked in major media outlets such as Jornal da Tarde, O Estado de S. Paulo, he is currently editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone Brasil.

PEDRO SEILER is a cultural producer, founding partner of Queremos! (which has been bringing to Rio and other cities in Brazil several shows in the last 10 years, in addition to the Queremos! Festival). He worked at the label Biscoito Fino for 6 years, produced national tours for several artists such as Maria Bethania, Simone and Zelia Duncan, in addition to the project Chico Bastidores by Chico Buarque. He is Curator and Musical Director for several events and festivals such as Invasão Paraense, Invasão Bahia, Sai da Rede, Rio Occupation (London), Open Air, Rider Weekends and the Experience program (Multishow). He was part of the Multishow Award Super Jury and the Latin Grammy Academy.

PENA SCHMIDT has been working for music since 1972. Electronic technician, specialized in audio, he made a career in the phonographic industry producing more than 50 albums, festivals like FreeJazz and acting as manager at Auditório Ibirapuera and CCSP. Founder of ABMI (Brazilian Association of Independent Music), he currently coordinates #listadaslistas.

RAQUEL LEMOS is a lawyer and founding partner of Lemos Consultoria Ltda. and Cultural, in addition to being a teacher in the postgraduate course in audiovisual production at FAAP. She is also the author of the book “Legislation and Incentive Policies” and a consultant specializing in contracts and business strategy.

RAQUEL VIRGÍNIA is a singer, songwriter and one of the founders of the band As Baías e a Cozinha Mineira.

RENÉE CHALU She is a partner at Se Rasgum Produções, responsible for the creation of the “Festival Se Rasgum” and for the “Festival Sonido - Instrumental and Experimental Music”, in Belém do Pará. The producer develops several musical projects, national and international shows.

RICARDO RODRIGUES is a businessman, agent and cultural producer, general director of CONTACT Festival and founding partner of Let's GIG - Booking & Music Services, where he works in the production and agency of artists such as Liniker and the Caramelows, Luedji Luna, Davi, Mel, ATR, Luê , Pedro Salomão, Giovani Cidreira, among others.

ROBERTA MARTINELLI is a journalist and music researcher who presents the program Cultura Livre (TV Cultura), and commands the program Som a Pino, which airs on Rádio Eldorado, and the Essencial Deezer podcast, dedicated to the history of the greatest artists of Brazilian music.

VERÔNICA PESSOA creates and conducts cultural projects and researches business models within the scope of culture, mentoring with a focus on career development for artists and consulting for companies that invest in music in Brazil. He is a journalist and presents the radio program Cenas do Mundo, which features artists from different countries. She was an entrepreneur for artists like Marcelo Jeneci, O Terno and Filipe Catto, and worked with artists like Chico César and Arnaldo Antunes, among others. She was responsible for the birth of Aceleradora Natura Musical, which works with projects sponsored by the brand.

ZÉ ANTONIO ALGODOAL is a musician and journalist. He worked at MTV Brasil where he directed numerous programs and specials, carried out audiovisual projects in production companies and TV channels, directed musical shows and performed works as a phonographic producer. He is currently part of the curatorship of the In-Edit Festival and is in charge of the SIM São Paulo Portal.

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