The ninth edition of SIM São Paulo brings an important partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency), which participates for the first time in the event with a networking cocktail in which it will present eight artists from different styles and regions of Italy.

We talked to Ferdinando Fiore, director of the Italian Trade Agency in São Paulo, who talked about this action. "It is the first time that the ITA - Italian Trade Agency (also known as the Agency for the internationalization of Italian companies) participates directly in the promotional action for the export of Italian music in Brazil, with a delegation of eight artists at the most important fair in the sector. For some years now, the department 'Cultural and Creative Industries' has figured among ITA's main sectors of intervention, with a focus on Phonographic Industries, Record Companies, Musical Instruments and the Audiovisual Industry. The Italian music sector generated in 2019 a growth of 8% with €247 million in revenues driven by streaming, which represents 63% of the total. The Italian phonographic sector with France and Germany is a reference in Europe. On the other hand, Latin America continues, for the third consecutive year, to show the most significant growth, with Brazil, Mexico and Argentina standing out. Brazil ranks 10th in the global ranking of the phonographic industry, with a market of 313.7 million dollars (+13.1%), the first in Latin America. SIM is the most relevant event of the sector in the region, and it could not be absent in the actions to propel the internationalization of the sector", he states.

We also asked him to speak about Italy's music export plan: "The partnership between the Italian Trade Agency and Italia Music Export- SIAE (corresponding to ECAD) and FIMI -Federazione industria musicale italiana) was born to stimulate and assist the commercial export of this artistic heritage, with these initiatives that bring young Italian artists to participate in the biggest fairs of the sector in the world. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has given its strategic support to the internationalisation effort of the sector, which each year creates new talents without forgetting the history and cultural roots of the sector in the country".

With a varied and vibrant music scene, selecting only eight participating artists is definitely not an easy task. Ferdinando explains how this choice came about: "All actors of the Italian music sector (agencies, national, regional and local entities, artists etc.) were notified by ITA in collaboration with Italia Music Export -SIAE and FIMI, with an invitation and email marketing actions. These applications were received and selected taking into account the quality, originality of the proposal and commercial potentiality."

Learn more about the participating artists :


Driven by the swirling winds that light up the shores of the eastern sea, BandAdriatica ride the choppy waves of Salento music with elements from all the sound shores of the Mediterranean as a complex "Babylon", where languages begin to harmonise in popular melodies in the mongrel fervour of port cities. Considered one of the best Italian live bands, they have conquered the attention of the public and critics all over the world.


CRISTINA RUSSO (by Roccascina audioproduzioni))

Her style is defined as Neo Soul, a mixture of soul music with the various styles of urban fusion, and nu reggae. Some songs are sung in Italian, others in English. "Because music is everything you want it to be and you have to be able to express it the way you want". With dozens of shows in his curriculum, he has already participated in important festivals in Europe.



Musical and visual collective born between Italy and the UK, around the figures of musicians Eleonora Fiorani, Nicola Sbrozzi, Alessandro Gobbi and visual artist Eddie Plex. Their sound is the result of a collision of the world of electro, House, punk funk, shoegaze and psychedelia.


GIOVANNI LEON (by Shine Records)

Italian composer, arranger, record producer and keyboardist. Award-winning author of film, theatre and video game soundtracks, he is also founder of the Shine brand which includes the Shine Records music school and recording studio, the Shinesoundtracks music production centre, and the Shine-Library platform.


KEKKO FORNARELLI (by Eskape Music)

Born in Bari in 1978, he is a pianist, composer and producer. With seven albums and over 350 performances in more than 60 countries around the world, he has developed a unique style characterised by an attempt to create music to be observed rather than listened to. A particular and very personal way of telling stories, expressing emotions and "painting" situations.


LEDA (by Il Piccio Records)

Italian alternative music quartet that brings together musicians from various underground projects. The first album Memorie dal futuro, was released in 2019, and recently the band finished recording a new album. The first singles Marocco speed and Niente è il lo stesso have received praise from the specialized press.


MARIA MAZZOTTA (by Zero Zero Nove)

Renowned for her versatility she is considered one of the best folk singers in southern Italy and one of the leading names in world music, which she approaches with extreme respect and meticulous research, ranging naturally from the sounds of southern Italy to Balkan rhythms. With the album Amoreamaro, released in 2020, Maria received strong praise from the public and critics. The album reached ninth position among the Best Worls Music Albums by the Transglobal World Music Chart.


SGOMINARE L’IMPURO (by Kate Creative Studio)

It is a new busker wave project born among the streets of Umbria, where spontaneity emerges: improvisation, metatheatre and cabaret are the basic ingredients of their music, seasoned in an irreverent and ironic way. In 2021, after many remarkable performances, they were selected as representatives of Italian music at the SXSW Festival in Austin (USA), guests of the ICE/ Italy Music Export digital booth. In 2019 they released their first album,Pop Culture on the GRM Management label.



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