The São Paulo International Music Week (SIM São Paulo) and the National Institute of Music (INAMU) renew for the third year a partnership to encourage the Argentine presence in the eighth edition of the Brazilian music convention.

In order to further strengthen ties with the Brazilian market, INAMU will support 20 Argentine artists to participate in the SIM 2020 program in a pitch session broadcast directly from Argentina to the world.

The unprecedented format will be part of the Networking Cocktail, in which artists and other professionals from INAMU's entourage will connect with SIM accredited, stimulating relationships and connections between artists and labels, festivals, concert halls, platforms for promotion and circulation of music between Brazil and Argentina.

Artists and bands interested in participating must be affiliated to INAMU and send their material by September 18 through this form.

In addition to being part of the SIM 2020 program, those selected will have access to the SIM Community and all activities of the eighth edition of the event. The result will be announced on October 5 through SIM and INAMU networks.

Largest meeting of music in Latin America, SIM São Paulo joined forces with INAMU three years ago to bring Argentine attractions to its program. Last year, the institute supported the arrival of Nación Ekeko, Julieta Laso and Sol Pereyra. In 2018, the partnership brought to São Paulo the groups Femina, Valbe, Miss Bolivia and La Madre Del Borrego.

What is INAMU?

The National Institute of Music (INAMU) is a non-state public organization that promotes independent music in Argentina. It was created in 2013, covering all regions and the most diverse genres, to improve the conditions of production, circulation and diffusion of artists in the country. There are already more than 5000 projects supported by the Annual Promotion Call created by the agency, as well as 63 thousand benefited by the Music Registration and Musical Activity project. INAMU is a reference both in supporting the musician who is already in the market and in the professionalization of new talents.

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