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By Fabrício Nobre

The arrival of a pandemic was always foreseen, but it seemed distant, none of us thought of being witnesses of such an overwhelming and long-lasting scenario.

It is even difficult in the midst of this dystopia to think about what makes me most upset, but two points bother me in a poignant way, the insecurity we face on a daily basis and the Brazilian mismanagement, which does not treat the pandemic as the tragedy that is , treats with disdain the biggest health problem of our time.

From a more personal point of view, mainly in relation to our work, it makes me sad to know that most of the music sector, due to responsible action, is unable to return to work. We were unable to have an exact measurement of the risks and parameters for this to happen. There is no research or quality data for us to create a reliable protocol. Much because of our lack of mobilization and organization, but also because of not having any support from the people who were chosen to lead us as a government. The only way is to go without work, change the way you do things (even without completely knowing how it will work) or risk yourself in a madness doing clandestine things, which would obviously be absurd. I get irritated and worried, for not being able to exercise our profession the way it should happen, and also for knowing that so many people continue to consume art and music only on TV and digital platforms / channels, but that they cannot understand the size of the community that is busy for performing live music, in person.

I miss everything, the shows, the loud music, the people, the socializing, being able to hear new things. The sensation caused by live music is unique. I have been joking that I am already missing plane turbulence and sound check in the morning, two things I have always hated on road works, for example.

I think people should have respected social detachment, used masks in a more effective way, but I know that the main fault lies with the authorities who are leading the country, who did counter-information work and keep doing everything to make things work contrary to the solution to the funeral situation we are experiencing.

For the time being the best is to know that we must not only take care of ourselves, but also be careful with those who are by our side. At some point, I hope that soon, it will be just history and a sad reminder of the thousands of dead who deserve our respect and the mismanagement that only deserves our contempt.

And in the face of so many limitations and impossibilities, we have to make the best of our time. A lot of people are busy, recording records, making lives, creating great content, composing new sounds. I am very lucky and friends, who got an opportunity with online work and I am enjoying doing and learning, and I am still managing to enjoy my time studying, participating in lectures, meetings, something that we should really do throughout our lives.

For now our only hope is the vaccine. But we need to know that the world has changed. I think some people will be able to understand that we need to be more careful, attentive, empathetic. More than ever it is necessary to understand that the whole world is connected. This pandemic has shown us the ease with which the virus can spread, the speed with which information and concepts can spread. And that same facility, that same speed can and should be used to spread good things. We have to use that force.

The great thing is to understand that training never stops. Even if you are in a good professional or personal moment, things can happen, life is like that. And you need to prepare, study, participate, understand the world as a whole, so that together we can position ourselves in a more intelligent way and thus be able to live in a more peaceful, more harmonious and more humane way.

Fabrício Nobre is director of Festival Bananada, artistic programming consultant for the Vegas Group and founding partner of Braba Música, responsible for managing artists such as João Donato, Tulipa Ruiz, Felipe Cordeiro, Hellbenders and the Portuguese Paus and The Legendary Tigerman.

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