It is an event focused on some pillars:

1) Knowledge, that is, exchange of information, training and professionalization of the music market;

2) Networking: connecting people, expanding your network of contacts, interacting with professionals and artists from around the world;

3) Business, new partnerships and new businesses, new ideas and paths;

4) Exhibition of trends, both in the area of ​​creation and in the area of ​​business;

5) Exchange of ideas, content, projects, between professionals and artists from different parts of the planet. There are several conventions around the world, check the main ones here.

The São Paulo International Music Week is one of the most important music conventions - or music business fairs - in Latin America. 

The themes covered in the event have the new music market as a focus and fulfills the proposal to highlight and discuss new ideas and concepts that are transforming the world scene, in addition to training and connecting people. SIM develops actions within three central pillars: 1. exposure of new musical trends (SIM Live); 2. access to current and relevant information (Convention); and 3. encouraging the formation of new partnerships (Networking & Business).

The São Paulo International Music Week has been held since 2013 and also develops actions to connect with the periphery of São Paulo through SIM TRANSFORMA, in addition to conducting market research and studies with DATA SIM.

In 2020, SIM SÃO PAULO ceases to be just an event to become a connection and content platform for music that will work all year, which includes a news portal, an international community - the SIM Community - and the conference spanning more than 30 days in November and December.

In 2020, everything happens at one address: simsaopaulo.com. The conference activities will all take place within the SIM Community. Artistic activities on the SIM portal.

The portal was launched on August 24th, SIM Community goes live in early September and the event will be from November 3rd to December 6th, 2020.

This year SIM will take place in the virtual environment with the same activities as in previous years and more SIM COMMUNITY, a social and business network that opens in September. In this way, we will be able to expand the participation and connection of accredited companies from all over Brazil and the world throughout the year.

Following the guidelines of social distance to avoid the spread of Corona Virus, we decided to hold SIM 2020 in a digital environment. However, some content will be carried out in person in the studio and transmitted live on the portal or SIM Community, always respecting the guidelines of the responsible organizations, such as the WHO. From 2021 onwards, SIM SÃO PAULO will be hybrid: the portal and SIM Community will continue to operate all year long on simsaopaulo.com and the event, at the end of the year, will be in person, but with virtual access to content and activities to expand the public participation from other states and other countries.

In the digital environment there is no audience limit and activities can be enjoyed by as many interested people as possible. 

SIM programming is available on our website and to access the content, it is necessary to purchase the PRO-BADGE (credential). SIM COMMUNITY subscribers get a discount on their credentials or can purchase separate tickets for programming activities separately. OFFICIAL SHOWCASES, COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMING and NETWORKING COCKTAILS are freely accessible to the general public.

SIM COMMUNITY is SIM São Paulo's social, connection, information and business network. With a monthly or annual subscription plan, it is from there that you will have access to exclusive content, you will be able to connect with agents from the music market all over the world, set up meetings, participate in discussions, announce your products and projects and participate in this conference year.

Tickets for individual activities are available to SIM Community subscribers. However, artistic performances will be free or with ticket sales to the general public.

Yes. Conference activities (workshops, lectures, debates, masterclasses, etc.), pitch sessions, meetups, closed speed-meetings and open or closed meetings are exclusive for PRO-BADGE buyers or SIM Community subscribers who purchase separate tickets for activities.

Yes, the digital version of 2020 is free for all audiences.

Não, por se tratar de uma conferência de música e não um festival, a SIM não disponibiliza meia entrada. Mas há descontos para estudantes de universidades e instituições de ensino parceiras. Quer ser parceiro? Escreva para [email protected] 

Most SIM content will have simultaneous translation or subtitles in English and Spanish. Check out each event on the SIM Community for more information. 

Part of the SIM content will be interpreted in LIBRAS. Check out each event on the SIM Community for more information. 

Collaborative Programming is the space that SIM São Paulo opens for market agents to present their artists. Until 2019, it took place during SIM nights, in more than 45 venues in São Paulo. This year, Collaborative Programming will take place on the weekends of November. Companies, institutions, collectives, consulates, offices and export agencies, national and international commissions, concert halls, among others can suggest an event on the simsaopaulo.com portal until 9/18/2020. The selected projects will have a space of two hours in the official programming of SIM to present their content via streaming from anywhere on the planet. 

THE CONFERENCE will take place from November 4 to December 5, 2020 and the activities will be available to PRO-BADGE buyers and / or to SIM COMMUNITY subscribers who purchase them separately. THE CONFERENCE will take place from Monday to Friday, with workshops, keynotes and masterclasses always at 10 am, meetups and meetings open at 3 pm, and lectures, Q & As, debates at 8 pm.

11/03 is the opening day of the SIM SÃO PAULO 2020 event. At 3pm there will be a SIM workshop and presentation by the Advisory Council, to help SIM Community accredited and subscribers use the platform and activities of the SIM fair. best possible way, as it is a new model for everyone. From 8pm, SIM Community accredited and subscribers will have access to the event's launch party.

December 6th is the day of the closing event of SIM 2020 and time to celebrate another year of the project! The show will be open to the general public on the Twitch platform and on the simsaopaulo.com portal.

The content of the 10am band will be available after its presentation until 12/31/2020. The content of the 20h track is live and will be available to those who lost or who want to review it between December 7th and 31st of this year.


Entries will be made via the form on the official website of the event 08/26/2020 to 09/37/2020. The final list of selected musical projects will be released on 10/12/2020 on the SIM SÃO PAULO website and official channels. You can participate in any and every authorial musical project, by a solo artist or band, of any style, city, state or country.

Yes, SHOWCASES are freely accessible to the general public through the SIM portal and SIM channel on Twitch.

NETWORKING COCKTAILS are relationship events between SIM São Paulo and accredited partners. Each partner has two hours to present their artists to market professionals and also to the general public interested in new music. In the virtual version, some professionals from the market will be invited to monitor and give feedback to artists in real time, generating immediate connection and encouraging new partnerships and business. 

Registration for pitch sessions by artists, festivals and music and technology startups will be made at SIM COMMUNITY and are available only to subscribers or accredited. The sessions will take place on 02, 03 and 04 December 2020.

There are three ways to play at SIM SÃO PAULO: 1) signing up for OFFICIAL SHOWCASES via form on the event website 8/26/2020 to 9/27/2020. 40 musical projects will be chosen to perform between December 2nd and 5th; 2) be part of any COLLABORATIVE PROGRAM event. Talk to your stamp, agency, commission from your city or country, collective, partner bands and formulate a proposal to be part of SIM weekends in November; 3) or in the NETWORKING COCKTAILS from December 2nd to 5th. Partners will present their artists in two-hour tracks to market professionals and the general public. Ask your city, state or country committee to organize a NETWORKING COCKTAIL at SIM.

No. You can only participate in any and every authorial musical project, by a solo artist or band, of any style, city, state or country.  

Yes. This year we will have the COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMING, space that SIM São Paulo opens for companies, institutions, festivals, collectives, consulates, offices and export agencies, artists , concert halls, professionals in general can propose their events and present their projects on the official SIM program.

Registration with event proposals will be made through a form on the SIM São Paulo portal de 08/26/2020 to 09/18/2020. Up to 40 Collaborative Programming proposals will be chosen, which will be presented between 2:00 pm and 12:00 am on the 7th, 08th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of November (Saturdays and Sundays) 2020.

SIM is a business fair, therefore, there is no payment or travel expenses for showcases at SIM São Paulo's studio or sound, video and internet facilities anywhere chosen by the artist for the presentation . 

In the case of OFFICIAL SHOWCASES, all official members of the selected bands will receive a PRO-BADGE (individual and non-transferable credential) that gives free access to all SIM SÃO activities and actions PAULO 2020 and SIM Community until 12/31/2020. In the case of selected solo artists, the artist and the musicians who accompany him in the showcase presentation will win a PRO-BADGE. Each band / artist is entitled to 2 (two) more PRO-BADGES for 2 (two) members of their team of their choice (manager, producer, etc.).

Musicians and staff who participate in the COLLABORATIVE PROGRAMMING or NETWORKING COCKTAIL also win the PRO-BADGE. Consult the registration rules or contact our production: [email protected]

YES. The CONTRACTED shows for SIM actions, such as the opening party, the closing event and special sponsor events, are paid, yes.