Born in Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais, Guilherme Ventura studied music at the University of Popular Music Bituca and is currently pursuing a degree in Literature at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Although he has been performing since 2007 as a musician, it was only in 2015 that he started his solo career, a rather decisive year for him. "That year I entered three song festivals and was awarded in all three, this starting point was important, given that it was a kind of affirmation of the power of my work," says Guilherme, who in 2017 released his first work, Dois Ladosdefined by him as a percussive and swinging MPB, which navigates between the sacred and the profane. "With this work I have performed on several stages in Brazil, the United States and Portugal, as well as participating in artistic residencies in France and Senegal," he says.

Guilherme, who besides being a musician, singer and composer is also a plastic artist and cultural producer, was a member for five years of Coletivo IMuNe- Instante da Música Negra. "During this period we held several Exhibitions, artistic residencies and Music Festivals that received and contemplated more than 100 artists from all over Brazil, including Elza Soares, Djonga and Luejdi," he explains.

In the second half of 2021 Guilherme started the release of his second album, Alguma Coisa sobre o amor. "By then the single and clip of Bom dia, the singles Quer and Cores Amor e Aroma. This work has already been gaining prominence in the Brazilian music scene, being awarded First Place in the Festival Todos os Sons of UN Music (MG) with the song Pra Vc Ñ Se EsquecerI was selected by the curatorship of the TUM Sound Festival (SC) for a showcase and by the curatorship of the Memorial Minas Vale (MG) and SESC Palladium (MG) for concerts. And now the happy selection for the SIM SP Pitch", says the artist, who comments the participation: "I had just come down from the stage of TUM Sound Festival, I was happy with the exchange that happened in the show and as soon as I open Instagram I receive the incredible news of the selection. I was thrilled, after all I have been working exhaustively to pave the way for my work, and news like this are like a fuel to keep going, focused, with discipline and keep believing. I always wanted to participate in the SIM SP Pitch, and the time has come".

When asked about his presentation, Gui Ventura is direct: "My new work Alguma Coisa sobre o amor has something very powerful at its core which is 'simplicity', and to see that this simplicity has reached people's ears is already a reason to celebrate. And that's what I've been doing, celebrating every little step. I'm still designing my presentation, but I want to show not only the essence of the new work, but also my aesthetic versatility, my multiple musical Brazilianness". And he concludes by talking a little more about his album: "The Alguma Coisa sobre o amor has as its connecting thread the theme of love, with a focus on black affection, a humble claim to be a lap and a soothing, the construction of new imaginaries, a fight against the stigma that exists on black bodies as objects for work and for sex, a reaffirmation of these black bodies in the exercise of love, of tenderness, loving and being loved with integrity".

Good luck to Gui Ventura!

Listen here more songs from Gui Ventura:

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