In 2020, the SIM São Paulo Advisory Council gains international reinforcements. In addition to 42 agents with strong presence in the Brazilian market, a team of notables from the five continents on the International Advisory Council, iCCSIM.

Formed by 44 representatives from the markets of America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia, iCCSIM was born with the mission of connecting the music industry even more internationally.

Find out more about these professionals who have also confirmed their presence at SIM 2020:

Alain Lahana has been a concert promoter for over 40 years. It started in the mid-70s when the punk scene emerged and worked with artists such as Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, REM, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Phil Collins, Nick Mason, Corrs and Rolling Stones. He is currently Carla Bruni's manager.

Alejandra Gómez she is the founder and director of Biche, an alternative music production space in Bogotá. She is also a businesswoman at Frente Cumbiero and a booker in Colombia for Ava Rocha, Romperayo, La Perla, El Leopardo, Son Rompe Pera, Dani Boom, María del Rosario and Mario Galeano. She has been a member of MMF LATAM since 2015 and co-founder of the collective Todopoderosa that fights for gender equity in independent Latin music.

Andrea DaSilva is the leader of the Global Media and Entertainment Industries, International Trade Administration team at the US Department of Commerce.

Camilo Sequeira he is director of Doble Cinco, director and programmer of Sala del Museo, co-organizer of Cosquin Rock Uruguay, co-organizer of the festival The New Generation. Entrepreneur of Cuatro Pesos de Propina and Eli Almic & djRC.

Carmen Barahona is a music promoter and founder and director of the multidisciplinary festival En Órbita, which has had editions in Santiago, New York and Lima. He also collaborates in the development of artistic projects and in curating content for institutions such as the Alma Observatory, groups from the MIT Media Lab and the Chilean Pre-Colombian Art Museum.

Clarissa Mota is the producer of Bacana, a concert agency based in Barcelona that represents avant-garde artists of various musical styles. Founded in 1998, originally in Berlin, Bacana has gained an international reputation with tours by innovative artists such as Gilberto Gil, Liniker and the Caramelows and BaianaSystem.

Crispin Parry is a showcase producer with more than 20 years of experience ranging from Nashville’s Americanafest to the Rio Olympics. With experience in journalism, he wrote for The Times and Q Magazine and is the founder of British Underground. In 2017, he started producing immersive technology showcases at SXSW, in partnership with organizations such as BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and NASA.

Cristina Fina has been producing and managing international music and cinema events in Italy, France and Portugal for many years. She is the founder of La Strada, a booking agency specialized in jazz and international music. Since 2010, he is responsible for the international development strategies of Puglia Sounds and MEDIMEX, in Italy.

Darryl Hurs has 25 years of history in the music industry, and leads Indie Week in Canada. He worked with graphic design / web design and brand activations for Live Nation, on projects with artists such as U2, Nickelback, Madonna, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Dave Matthews and the launch of

David McLoughlin has been working for about 25 years with launching, selling, promoting and producing music. He has worked for companies like Tower Records, Atração, MCD, Eldorado, Sum Records, Trama, The Orchard, RN-14, BM&A, Brasil Music Exchange, Vinil Brasil and hundreds of clients over time. Nowadays, he is ahead of Brasil Calling.

Elodie DaSilva she is the director of the emblematic Lusafrica label (responsible for the career of Cesária Évora) and of the Africa Nostra publisher. She was a programmer at Kriol Festival (Cape Verde), director of AME (Antlantic Music Expo) and president of the MusiConnect Association. Currently, she works as a consultant in several institutions in the African market.

Evelyn Sieber is director of showcase programming at the Reeperbahn Festival. In addition, he sets up international projects, including the Reeperbahn Festival International Spin-Offs from China to Africa. Before starting at the Reeperbahn Festival in 2010, she was director of production and special projects at WOMEX.

Fernando Ladeiro-Marques is the director of MaMA and co-creator and co-director of MIL Lisbon International Music Network. Throughout his career, he has also been involved with events such as Le Printemps (Bourges), Bam (Barcelona), Green Energy (Dublin), Cosmopolis (Lisbon), Euroconnections (Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Bratislava and Berlin), / Move ( Prague), Europavox (Clermont-Ferrand), Rock Pop Festival (Bratislava), DongDong, (Beijing) and others.

Glenn Dickie is a music export producer for Sounds Australia. With experience in marketing and advertising, he spent more than a decade at EMI Music Australia working with comp artists You Am I, JET, Miami Horror, PEZ, Oh Mercy, Ricki-Lee, Katy Perry, Lily Allen and Sigur Rós.

Gonçalo Riscado he is director of CTL, which carries out projects such as Musicbox Lisboa, MIL - Lisbon International Music Network, Jameson Urban Routes, Festival Silêncio, Liveurope and JUMP - European Music Market Accelerator.

Helene Broch is an international director and senior consultant for the Music Norway project, its programs, marketing strategies and other export initiative activities.

Herman Kabubi is a programmer, consultant, curator and poet under the name Slim Emcee (UG). He is director of programming at the Bayimba Foundation in Kampala, Uganda, responsible for several events throughout the year, such as Amakula International Film Festival, DOADOA - East African Performing Arts Market, Bayimba International Festival of the Arts and Kampala International Theater Festival.

Jean-Philippe Sauvé manages the music export program at SODEC, the government agency that supports Quebec's cultural industries. He is also a musician and specialist in international cultural policies, having worked with the theme at INRS-Montreal and UNESCO. He has a longstanding interest in Brazilian music and culture.

Joel C. High is the current music director at Trimark Pictures and Lionsgate. Independent music supervisor with more than 150 credits in Cinema, TV and Games projects, works for Tyler Perry Studios and is president and founder of Guild Of Music Supervisors.

Manuel Correia da Silva is director of This is My City Festival and co-founder of several creative projects, including Lines Lab, None of Your Business and Associação Cultural +853. He was part of the rock band called Rollana Beat. Born in Portugal, grew up between Lisbon and Macau and now lives in the Delta region, in China.

Marc Lloret he has been Artistic Director of MMVV since 2011. In 2004 he started working at music festivals in Malaga (AV) and Barcelona (Hipersons, 2004-2007). In 2005 he co-organized the first edition of the popArb Festival in Arbúcies (Girona, Spain). From 2006 to 2009, he worked at the jazz production and management company Produccions Contrabaix. He also coordinated the Catalan Sounds guide, published by the Institut Ramon Llull.

Marc Wohlrabe he is a co-founder of Clubcomission Berlin and leads Steinland Consult as a specialist in nightlife policies. He is co-founder and director of the nightlife conference Stadt Nach Acht, member of the board of the German Club, Music Venue and Festival Organization Livekomm and represents Germany on the board of the European Club, Music Venue and Festival Organization LiveDMA.

Martin Goldschmidt is founder of Cooking Vinyl and co-founder of Palestine Music Expo. AIM board member Impala, & WIN, was the founder of the online distributor Uploader, created Essential Music & Marketing and Coda, one of the largest agencies in Europe.

Miguel Angel Garrido is founder and CEO of Charco Musica: festival promotion agency, booking, marketing and public relations focused on the development of Ibero-American music. For the past 20 years, he has worked with booking and touring in Asia, Europe and America alongside artists such as Mon Laferte, Fito Paez, Babasonicos, Molotov, Natalia Lafourcade, Russian Red, Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas, Gepe, Macaco, Kevin Johansen, Onda Vaga, Nacho Vegas, Carla Morrison, Nortec Collective and Mateo Kingman.

Mike Strano is director and founder of PHAT! Music & Entertainment Limited, Kenya. For 20 years, he has been exploring the African music market. PHAT! is responsible for ONGEA! , director of The Eastern Africa Music Summit, by SHEER Publishing Africa, among others. He is also a founding director of MyMoviesAfrica and a founding member of the Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE).

Millie Millgate is executive producer for Sounds Australia. She has been instrumental in the growth of Sounds Australia around the world, having supervised the marketing, networking and showcasing activities carried out at 80 international events (often multiple times), in 69 cities, in 25 countries, since 2009. She is co-author of the study Born Global: The economic and cultural value of Australian music exports, held in 2019.

Myla Hardie lives in Los Angeles and has 25 years of professional experience in the music field, on and off stage. He divides his time between his artistic career and the administration of Worldhaus Music, a label and management company for artists, music, and media content with operations in the USA, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Neeta Ragoowansi é advogada de entretenimento e atua no mercado da música há mais de 25 anos. É co-fundadora da NPREX (National Performing Rights Exchange). Também é presidenta do Fórum de Empresários de Música – US (MMF-US), co-presidenta e diretora global da Women in Music e presidente da Força Tarefa de Diversidade do Fórum sobre as Indústrias de Entretenimento e Esportes da Ordem dos Advogados Americana.

Noela Salas she serves on the board of Corporación la Makinita, is executive director of the international music program IMESUR and is the extension director of Teatro Popular Ictus, in Santiago, Chile. Active in commercial associations, such as the SatelliteLAT network (association of women in Latin American music), she is on the board of IMICHILE (commercial association of the independent music industry in Chile), spokesperson for ROMMDAChile (Network of Women in Music and Dissidents) Associados) and coordinator of the ADIMI association for the development of Ibero-American music.

Octavio Arbeláez is a lawyer with a master's and doctorate in philosophy and design. He is director of Circulart Iberoamerican Music Market (Medellín), director of Maps Market of the Performing Arts of the South Atlantic (Tenerife) and director of the International Festival of Arts (Costa Rica).

Oliver Knust he is director of Chilemúsica, which works to export Chilean music, and co-director of the festival and Fluvial conference. He is also the founder of the IMICHILE trade association, a member of the WIN board, director and founder of the label Discos Río Bueno and the booking and communications agency La Unión. He has worked with over twenty bands in the Chilean independent sector during the past 15 years.

Otto Ballaben he is CEO of Arepa Music, a company that designs strategies for developing musical projects, and creative director of ECOEM, a business platform dedicated to the creation and construction of companies and innovative business ideas. He is also Country Manager for Ditto Music Venezuela, founder of the Co Orange Seeds program and the Co Founder Paix Festival.

Paula Rivera she is vice president of INAMU and co-founder and director of SateliteLAT - Women in the Latin American Music Industry. Cultural manager with more than 15 years of experience in the Latin American industry, since 2018, develops strategies to promote Argentine music in world markets.

Peter Astedt has worked in the music industry for over 30 years. His newest company is Discovery Sensation, Musichelps' arm dedicated to creating showcase opportunities for artists around the world. He also acts on Cashbox radio, Cashbox Magazine and Record World, in Canada.

Rev. Moose is the founder of Marauder, the leading music marketing company in the North American market. It is at the forefront of the development of artists and organizations from around the world, having worked in the construction of its radio, advertising and marketing services for The Syndicate worldwide. His work at Independent Venue Week in the USA helped to create NIVA to organize and support local independent concert halls and promoters.

Robert Singerman he is a partner at LyricFind, .MUSIC, Mondo, SyncSummit, YouBloom, Heaven11 and other companies. As a businessman, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer and music supervisor, Singerman has previously represented REM, Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega, Violent Femmes, 10,000 Maniacs, Smithereens, Fela Kuti, Bad Brains, pre-Beastie Boys and King Sunny Ade, among many other artists.

Ruth Daniel is an honorary researcher at the University of Manchester and CEO of In Place of War. She has led a diverse range of artistic and peace-building initiatives worldwide and has developed and implemented more than a hundred cultural programs in places of conflict and disadvantage, such as war zones, post-war zones and areas of economic deprivation.

Sergio Arbeláez he is director of FIMPRO, Consultant at Circulart and Redlat Colombia and co-founder of Relatable. Cultural manager with more than 15 years of experience, working between Mexico and Colombia, He believes that music and culture can transform society and help the economy and build social and mental well-being.

Sergio Elmir is the creator of the Future Libre Creative Agency (FLCA), which works in mentoring and alliance programs with artists and audiences that identify themselves as Black, Indigenous and Racialized People (BIPOC). They work with Atino-Canadian artists like The Mariachi Ghost, New Tradition Music, LOLAA, and Los Poetas and cultural institutions like The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance, The International Indigenous Music Summit, The Music Gallery, Global Toronto 2020, LulaWorld Records, TD Jazz Fest, Toronto Fringe Festival and many others.

Soco Collado has been managing A.R.T.E. for 20 years. - Asociación de Representantes Técnicos del Espectáculo, the largest Spanish association of live music, composed of 270 entrepreneurs, promoters, concert producers and festival directors.

Sungchun Lee he is executive director of Seoul Music Week (Seoul Music Week) and Chief Producer of Soundpuzzle (International Agency and Record Label).

Tina Wroblewski is president of LaTina Productions, international booker, businesswoman and cultural promoter, born in Colombia and resident in Canada. He acts as tour manager / booker at the Colombian label Tambora Records and manager of cultural projects at LOA Productora. Founder of the social project “Proyecto Prizmacolor” in Medellín, Colombia, which works to transform educational spaces through the promotion of art and culture, she is currently a regional and international consultant for Global Toronto. Works with Colombian artists who mix traditional music with contemporary aesthetics such as Colectro, Byron Sánchez Cuarteto, La Mambanegra, Los Gaiteros de Ovejas and Blisk

Vanessa Reed is president and CEO of New Music, which promotes connections, access to knowledge and support for music in the USA. She is the founder and honorary president of the award-winning Keychange program for gender balance in the music industry ( In addition, it is part of the Leeds College of Music and the Royal Society of the Arts.

Weining Hung is a co-founder of LUCfest in Taiwan. Driving force for the entry of Asian musicians into the European market, he is also the international manager of artists such as Phum Viphurit and ADOY. Currently, she divides her time between Asia and Europe and is passionate about stimulating networking activities and building a platform for the Asian music industry.

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