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By Marina Amano

It's hard to pay the tickets, right? The money falls and the bank eats. The response to that announcement was a polite no. And now, with the concert halls opening, do you go back to the stage or not? Network dilemma: boycott big corporations or do I tie myself to the system to be able to pay rent? It seems that for the independent artist, the burden will always be heavier. But for everything that is happening, not even the most successful ones have the answer. Even large companies were not prepared, even those that grew during the pandemic. Everyone has lost their hair in the last few months and we still can't plan for tomorrow. The big question is that nobody has the answer to anything.

I remember that at the beginning I was one of the people who decided to take this time alone and take the time to get the projects off the ground. I chatted with some people about the plans I had for my free home office hours. I started by redesigning processes, creating plans for the near future, thinking about changing even our business model at Listo. But I was stopped by my consultancy (just as everyone needs therapy, I usually say that every company needs consultancy rs!). They told me that if in 2 years of life the agency was growing, it was not 3 weeks of a pandemic that should guide the company's next steps. And they were right. At the same time, I felt that this self-charge was too toxic, it messed everyone's head and made a lot of people sick. And my text is going to be about that.

The impostor syndrome or excess of perfectionism will do anything to stop you. After all, for many musicians, composers and producers, putting a song on the street must be like that dream in which you appeared naked at school. It is putting the vulnerability in public to be judged. And there's a judge for everything: to criticize your lyric, your beat, your clip, the chords you chose on the guitar, the fingers you used to play your piano, if you used synth instead of a double bass. And the feeling will be that it WILL NEVER BE GOOD. This demand intensifies even more when we talk about women, the LGBTQIA + community, black, peripheral, indigenous, PCDs. Don't let this wave take you deep. Maybe your music is not good enough for you, but it will always be amazing for someone.

So, be in a hurry.

Marina Amano is the founder of Listo Music, a digital marketing agency specialized in music and content launch strategies and is also an entrepreneur for Tuyo, Felipe Flip, Óbvio and Sandro.

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