Born and raised in Campo Grande (MS), Marina Peralta grew up listening to Paraguayan polkas, music from her father and grandparents' native country, as well as a lot of samba and Brazilian music and the praises of the church, where she spent her childhood and adolescence.

Marina conta que ganhou o primeiro violão aos 12 anos de idade, mas não gostou do presente. “ Queria uma bicicleta. Mas foi esse o impulso pras primeiras composições. Passei a gravar vídeos, tocar nas rodas de violão e criar novas músicas. Toquei na igreja, ruas, escolas, universidades e bares, até ganhar meu primeiro Festival da Canção em 2013, o que aumentou minha visibilidade no estado do MS”.

Always on the lookout for new things, she got to know other musical genres which were decisive in her life: "A watershed in my adolescence was Rap, which taught me about music as a tool for denunciation, information and resistance of the ghettos and peripheries, where I was located in my city as well. When I got to know reggae music, I felt a fusion that swept me away, because there was the union of this resistance with spirituality and hope", she says, who today musically moves between all these genres and also jazz.

2014 was a special year for Marina as, in addition to starting to travel with her band across the country, she made an unpretentious video for the song Agradecewhich ended up viralizing on social networks and making many people know his work. Nowadays, this video has more than 3 million views. Two years later Marina released her first album, whose title is the same as the song. During this period, Marina participated actively in student movements, feminist movements, cultural movements and the struggle for land, where she matured politically and let this appear more and more in her songs.

In 2019, after some singles and clips, the EP Leve comes out. "It was a new sound experience, poetic, uniting Brazilian music to digital elements, with songs made during the gestation and puerperium period of my first daughter," says Marina. "That same year I move to São Paulo and start the process of new compositions that will be released in the next album, planned for 2022, the year in which I will also give birth to another child", she adds.

About the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS, Marina tells how she got the news: "It was through whatsapp, a person who saw it came running to tell me! I confess that I wasn't that hopeful, I did my application alone, I didn't even tell anyone lol. Then I went to the social networks of SIM to see it with my own eyes! It's 10 minutes long, right? so, we opted to do live a fusion of two songs that synthesize the sound and themes that we have as focus at this moment", says the singer who talks about the importance of her participation: "I've already had the opportunity to watch live some Pitches and I always wanted to be there. I feel that now I am more ready, thank God it wasn't before. I think it's an incredible opportunity to show what we have done here in Brazil, even more as an artist from the Midwest that doesn't work in the country music scene. It's a valuable opportunity for independent artists, without big investors. I am happy and anxious to synthesize in 10 minutes a little bit of what we do, even though I find it very challenging. I hope to be able, together with my brand new band, to share what is special about us to show the world".

Good luck to you Marina!

Listen to more tracks by Marina Peralta here:

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