There is no music on a dead planet.

This strong but true phrase is the organization's slogan Music Declares Emergency, dedicated to fighting the environmental crisis that is devastating our planet. The organization was founded in 2019 by Fay Milton, an activist and drummer for the great British female band Savages, who believes in the power of music to promote cultural change and create a better future. The organization today defines itself as an independent group created by music entrepreneurs and artists concerned with the lack of a cohesive and broad response from the industry to the climate emergency. The main intention is that the music community can expand public understanding and pressure the government to take immediate action on climate problems and biodiversity.

The initial idea came after Fay got in touch with the organization's actions Extinction Rebellion, who unlike other organizations like Greenpeace or Friends of Earth, had a more aggressive, more efficient attitude, seemed to go beyond that atmosphere of charity and managed to attract the attention of people in music. "When music and protest come together, something powerful happens, capable of creating that kind of sense of urgency, a necessary energy to fight the environmental crisis," she says. At the same time, many British cultural institutions, such as theaters, theaters, museums and galleries, came together for the environmental cause in a movement called Culture Declares Emergency. "I realized in that instant that the music industry should do something, or it would be left behind," says Fay.

The idea worked and in a short time they got support from important artists like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker, IDLES, Billie Eilish, Pretenders, Suede, The XX and many other names in a list that already exceeds 2000 personalities. Several institutions also support the project, from the legendary Abbey Road Studios, Jazz re: freshed, labels like Rough Trade Records, Merge Records, Sub Pop and Bella Union, to major labels like Sony Music UK and Warner Chappel, in addition to countless festivals and concert halls.

With all this growth, the initiative was replicated in several countries, and today similar movements are taking shape in Germany, Switzerland, France and Chile. Fay says he is happy for the idea to spread and explains that, although everyone is sharing the same ideals, each country works in a different way, as he understands that each location has its peculiarities and that respecting these differences is necessary for the work to be carried out best possible way.

Below you can find out the official statement that guides all Music Declares Emergency actions around the world:

We call on governments and media institutions to tell the truth about climate and the ecological emergency.

We ask governments to act now to reverse the loss of biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030.

Reconhecemos que a emergência surgiu das injustiças globais e trabalharemos no sentido de uma mudança sistêmica para proteger a vida na Terra.

We recognize the environmental impact of music industry practices and are committed to taking urgent action.

Our compromise:

Mutual support and sharing of experiences in the music community.

Talk openly about the climate and the ecological emergency.

Work to make our businesses ecologically sustainable and regenerative.


Fay Milton gave a exclusive interview for the SIM portal, where she talks about the work of Music Declares Emergency, and how Brazilians can be part of this movement. To watch just click here.

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