Last year, Pará musician Manoel Cordeiro released his second solo album, Guitar Hero Brasil. The title couldn't be more true. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger and composer, Manoel has collaborated on more than 1000 albums by numerous artists during a career spanning more than 50 years. In addition to his immense talent, Manoel is also known for his sensitivity and kindness, being a very beloved figure in the musical environment.

A central figure in popular music in northern Brazil in recent decades, Manoel had a complicated health situation in November due to the consequences of COVID-19.

Fortunately Manoel has already overcome most of the difficulties, but the treatment costs are high and, sensitized, a series of artists will meet at the solidarity event MANOEL CORDEIRO VIVO, which will take place on the 29th of January starting at 8 pm and will gather names such as Fafá de Belém, Dona Onete, Felipe Cordeiro, Mestre Pinduca, Luiz Caldas, Márcia Ferreira, Karina Bühr among others. The show will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook Brasileiríssimos portal..

“It is a solidarity event, like a collective effort. The artists sent loving videos to dad Manoel Cordeiro. The idea is to help in the treatment of it, which has been complex and intense. It will also be a celebration for Dad's life. “, Says the son, and also guitarist Felipe Cordeiro. "It is a way to show solidarity with those who contributed so much to our music, also a way to create conditions for‘ daddy ’to return to the stage as soon as possible"

Upon hearing all the movement and affection received, Manoel declared:

"The love I received in the form of solidarity made me stronger, more fighter for life and more dismayed by death, because I saw and felt in the intensity of that love the presence of God, owner of my path and my bow lantern".

Manoel Cordeiro would be one of the attractions of the SIM 2020 Official Showcases. Due to his health condition he cannot perform, but SIM showed a Manoel Cordeiro and Sonora Amazonia show that you can watch clicking here.



(meeting of artists in favor of Manoel Cordeiro's treatment)

Day 29.1 (FRIDAY), at 8 pm, on YouTube / Facebook of the BRASILEIRÍSSIMOS portal

Participations: Fafá de Belém, Dona Onete, Pinduca, Felipe Cordeiro, Luiz Caldas, Márcia Ferreira, Karina Bhür, among others.

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