Myla Hardie used to say that music was born with her. Michael Hardie's daughter, was introduced to the piano as a baby and did her first paid professional show at age seven. Also under the influence of his father, he lived with blues and soul music since childhood. “My father was always my biggest fan and I was his. I always recorded his songs and we always exchange inspirations ”, he says.

Born in Hollywood, California, Myla grew up in Austin (Texas); As a teenager, in 1994, he moved to East Germany with his father, the first American musician to move there and become famous. “I went to school, at age 12, right after the wall fell and it was an explosion for my mind that all cultures and people want the same thing and be connected through art. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but it became clear to me that the way to stay connected and relevant to the world was through culture, ”he says. "Skip eight years into the future and I'm trying to make a living in Manhattan as a young musician and I decided to take Worldhaus seriously as a business model." The Label Worldhaus, was created the day she was born, in Los Angeles, by her father. She sees coincidence as a destiny trait, which brings a certain responsibility for that.

Myla went to New York at the age of 17, where she had a rich experience, performing regularly at Village clubs and living with jazz legends. It was there that he started his first band, Myla Hardie Band, with gaucho percussionist Duda Guedes and bassist from São Paulo Renato Carvalho. “So I got to know the rich world of Brazilian musicians and they encouraged my music a lot and to take it to Brazil. The result was the debut CD, In the Heart Of, recorded in New York ”.

The proximity with these musicians made Myla understand how the North American rhythms and the native Brazilian rhythms communicate, and that fascinated her. “I never had to explain to them how to play a Cajun song, a Country song or even the Blues. They were miles ahead of even the rhythmic sections of American jazz that I played in New York with. ”

Myla's work as a singer, instrumentalist and producer is admirable. She naturally sees the success achieved. “Something I discovered after playing music professionally for almost 30 years on stage is that the music, bands, songs, opportunities, have always been better when I focused only on music and did not deviate from that path. Let it go and let it flow! ”, She says.

Tired of Manhattan, 11 years later, Myla decided to move to Porto Alegre where she lived for a few years. His most recent musical project, Hardie Theatre, was recorded in Brazil in 2016 but will be released in the coming months. “I wanted to capture the essence and the feeling of my experience of living in Brazil, of being adopted by the“ true gauchos ”and highlight the absolute talent that the Porto Alegre scene has. The music business seems to stop in São Paulo and everything south of there is a mystery to much of the mainstream world. There is so much to explore if you think not only of Rio Grande do Sul, but also of Uruguay and Argentina ... Mercosur ”, she evaluates.

Myla was introduced to SIM São Paulo by Iuri Freiberger, at the time one of the fair's advisers. “SIM was just getting started and we had a very successful night at Jazz nos Fundos with all the label's artists and since then we have associated it with a great event! Since 2016, I became even more involved with the organization as the only North American member of the Brazilian council and coordinator of the first international council. I look forward to growing with and your team and see the reach of the SIM to the world ”.

Today Myla is an important partner of SIM São Paulo “I thrive, my business thrives and we all thrive if we can connect with each other in sustainable relationships. I am also a member, like most of the SIM board, of the family of the international music convention ”, he evaluates. “It all starts as a community and grows within that community. I am just a member of this global community and will always be a vital, open and communicative partner for everyone ”.

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