Born in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense, Shuna (Alisson Jazz) and Gian Pedro are childhood friends who started to get involved with music in the church they attended. The union of the vocal harmonies, the violin of Gian Pedro, and the guitar and guitar of Shuna gave birth to YOÙN, creating bridges between diverse sounds and forming their identity that unites R&B, rap, jazz, soul, trap and the urban rhythms of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2017, they began performing between Nova Iguaçu and Central do Brasil stations on the Japeri line, one of the most popular and chaotic of Rio de Janeiro's train system, where they began to win fans organically.But the duo extended their reach with the music video for the song Meu Grande Amorwhich has had over a million views on YouTube. Their artistic references, combined with their varied experiences, have become references in contemporary youth culture, which includes music, fashion and consumption. In their career, they have already collected partnerships with artists like Delacruz, Tuyo and have also released a documentary with three episodes YOÙN - From Baixada To World. In 2020 they released Besteira in partnership with Gilsons, and in early 2021 were nominated for the SIM Award as a revelation artist.

In April they released their first album, BXD IN JAZZwith 12 authorial tracks with emphasis on percussion, which connects them to their Afro-Brazilian roots. The album, which had the participation of saxophonist Léo Gandelman in one of the tracks, traces in its narrative line the story of these two black and peripheral young people who are in search of recognition as artists in the midst of a whirlwind of situations that determine their growth. Shuna and Gian Pedro met at school, had the underground as the only way to express themselves to the world and today complete a cycle of running and talent, all in the midst of global chaos.

And it is in the name of this achievement that they participate in the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS. "We received with enormous happiness this news. This confirms that we are on the right track, being recognized by important institutions such as SIM. We want to present our greatest hits in an intimate format. The importance is huge, it is always good to be recognized as a new artistic power and to be at SIM SP among many talented artists is an honor for us", comment the musicians.

Good luck to Yoùn

Listen to more music from Yoùn here:

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