Among the 18 chosen for the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS is Jacintho, musician born and raised in the outskirts of Leme, a city in the interior of São Paulo, in a context that, according to him, being an artist was not an option. Even so Jacintho found his way and knew how to take advantage of opportunities to build his career. "Thanks to small lapses of opportunity and access to the world of art and culture through education, I managed to immerse myself in a context of artistic production, between the visual arts and music. I had the opportunity to live in Araraquara (SP), where I graduated in journalism, but above all I delved into musical productions with various artists and producers who have always collaborated a lot in my work, such as Rafael Barone, musician and producer of Liniker e os Caramelows", says the artist who in his adolescence had a post-punk band, Ironias, but at the same time was already researching other languages and other aesthetics: "Parallel to this I was always composing in a context that made sense to me and absorbed me completely, it was something closer to the language of bolero and brega, with pinches of regional country music, which were references that referred directly to my childhood, my neighborhood and our reality. In 2015 I assumed this environment of research and composition based on the music of the north and northeast, which led to the release of my first eponymous EP signed as Jacintho (my last name) in early 2017, "he says.

A year earlier, in 2016, the artist was awarded by the Rumos Program of Itaú Cultural to carry out an artistic residency in the visual arts in Spain. Jacintho says that being in Europe for the first time had a great impact on him, and made him about Latin Americanness and the recognition of historical and social processes that correspond to what we are and all the inequality of contemporary Brazil. "With that, my research began to broaden within the historical narrative of Latin America, especially Latin music. This process was very intense and led me to the conception of my record Tropical Desespero, released in 2019 through ProAC. This record came as a series of historical-social syntheses of reflections on the Latin-peripheral context, but in a poetics loaded with analogies, where the narrative walks between novels and facts. In it I sought to conduct a musical aesthetic that would lead to what I call neotropical and/or latino-futuristic aesthetics, an anthropophagic construction between traditional Latin music and peripheral music. In this work the hands of producers and musicians Felipe Cordeiro and Rafael Barone were very present, along with Rafaela Prestes' mixing. In the tangle of releases, between singles and the album came participations that make me very happy like: Felipe Cordeiro, Sammliz and Francisco el hombre", says the artist.

Jacintho is currently working on a new EP. "I recently released two unreleased songs through the MIGRA Festival, which should make up the new work. Ontem and O Tempocorrespond to a research process influenced by references from trap, drill, cloud rap and experimental nuances", says Jacintho, who adds: "In general terms, I consider that the music I seek to create lives in this space of anthropophagic conception, which draws inspiration from traditional and popular Latin music, but which moves in urban, synthetic and futuristic experiences, in this neotropical universe".

Jacintho tells that he was taken by surprise with the news of the classification for the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS: "I had forgotten the date of the announcement. I only know that I woke up hungover and saw that I had been classified, it still took me a while to digest, but it was and is a great joy. Soon after I started to fry my ideas lol. No doubt I want to present something related to the unpublished songs. They correspond to a context and a language that interests and instigates me a lot, I think they synthesize the experiences and paths I've been exploring along the time. Looking forward to this moment".

Jacintho also talks about the importance of the participation and the expectations. "The Pitch of new artists or SIM Showcases have always been placed as a referential map of the paths of Brazilian and world music in my views. And I always looked at this proposal as a perspective of the music of tomorrow, of the representations and characteristics of languages, concepts and aesthetics of music. I feel honored, recognized and even more responsible for everything I compose and produce. I think this must be the fourth or fifth time I apply and I can see how my work has matured in relation to previous editions.
I also consider the fact of being able to represent a context of countryside artist, with the support of other artists of this reality and that seek to build their work and recognition being and producing in the countryside, in a reality of little access, but of great willingness and disposition, is something extremely significant for us. The expectations are the best possible, within a real intention to effectively transmit the impressions that I seek with my work and everything it carries in each process.

Good luck to Jacintho!

Listen to more music from Jacintho here:

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