The ninth edition of the São Paulo International Music Week will take place from December 1st to 5th and, this time, the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS gains body and new partners to reveal new trends and artistic movements.

With an initial forecast of 15 candidates, the choice was even more comprehensive, contemplating 18 names. On November 12th, the finalists were announced. They will perform for ten minutes in front of a panel of experts and music buyers, representatives from labels, recording companies, agencies, concert halls, and events from several parts of Brazil and the world. Three festivals, the Lisbon International Music Networking (MIL), from Lisbon, Portugal, the the Festival SeRasgum and (Belém, PA) and Festival CoMA (Brasília, DF), will be present with the mission of choosing one artist each to compose their lineups in 2022 with tickets paid by SIM São Paulo! The presentations will take place on December 02, 03 and 04, at 7pm, online through the platform of lives Taboom! (

Among those selected is the Bahian duo Taxidermia, a sound research and experimentation project conceived and directed by Jadsa and João Milet Meirelles. The partnership between Jadsa and João began in 2014 in the creation of soundtracks for plays at Teatro Vila Velha, in Salvador (BA). Since then, they have worked together on Jadsa's releases with production signed by João: The EP Godê (2015) and the album Olho de Vidro (2021), which was recently nominated for the Multishow 2021 award as best album of the year.

In 2020, Taxidermia gained body as a band with their first EP, Taxidermia Vol.1The creation and finalization process was all virtual and counted with the collaboration of artists such as Jéssica Caitano, Bruno Abdala, Pedro Bienemann and Caio Terra.

Very well received by the critics, the EP was released by the São Paulo label Balaclava, and opened doors for presentations in venues such as the Cultura Livre programme and the Radioca Festival, which takes place in Salvador.

In 2021 the band released, two singles, Lava and Taxidermia Punk,  to announce their second EP, Outro Volumewhich features Kiko Dinucci, Juçara Marçal, Chico Correia, Bruno Abdala and Caio Terra. "Just like Taxidermia Vol.1, the Outro Volume We like to say that the band makes a 'curious pop', but this volume comes with songs with more contrasts and heavier bases. Pulled more to the dub, but still keeping our point of departure of the pop", tells João.

"I think the lyrics are more solid. A narrative happens between them and that also communicates directly with the first volume. We spent more time recording, and with that we were able to pay more attention to every detail of the tracks," adds Jadsa.

About the participation in the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS they say that who received the news was the producer, Maíra Morena, who made the application and was following the updates through the networks of SIM. "We were very happy with the selection, we really wanted it to happen! We even prepared exclusive material for the pitch, a live performance of two of our tracks: Xirê and Taxidermia. The idea of this presentation is to show a remarkable aspect of the band, which is the possibility of occupying different spaces with our show: from big concert halls to small galleries. We can't wait!" and they complete talking about the importance of this participation: "We don't need to talk about the relevance of the SIM São Paulo for music in Brazil, it's an important moment of fraternization, learning and articulation between artists, producers and other people who work in the sector. Taking part on the SIM Pitch is an event that opens possibilities of connection with contractors and, consequently, with the audience. For us, who intend to circulate a lot in 2022, it is an incredible opportunity to make this happen by showing and talking a little more about our work".

Good luck to Taxidermia!

Listen to more songs from Taxidermia here:

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