Oliver Knust is one of the most important figures in the music scene in Chile. With a solid career, he is one of the founders of IMICHILE , director of the festival Fluvial , videomaker, creator of the label Discs Río Bueno is known for being one of the biggest supporters of the Chilean independent scene and responsible for the return of vinyl in his country, which gave new impetus to the local scene.

Involvement with music began in childhood. He grew up in a house with many records, of very different styles. He says that as a boy he took refuge in music and that he concentrated all his interest there.

Oliver studied audiovisual communication and saw video clips as a way to be involved in the independent scene in the early 2000s. “So I became a video director for independent Chilean bands, which brought me closer to the musicians and I started to understand and participate in the recording process. and live shows, ”says Oliver. “In addition to directing more than a dozen videos, we accompanied the bands and recorded a lot of what it was like to live 15 years ago. We hope that soon we can start to build a documentary telling how it was that beautiful time. From there, I went to live in Mexico for two years, trying to help spread Chilean music there, I think it was at that moment that I decided to dedicate myself to music ”, he says.

In 2009 Oliver started producing vinyls and sending records to Chile. With the success of the undertaking, he and his partners bought a vinyl factory “We brought him to Chile by boat, but we were unable to start the business, it is an unfinished project that still hurts me. It was a bizarre Fitzcarraldo adventure, which now seems a little hilarious, ”he says in a reference to the film by German director Werner Herzog.

Although it already existed as a name, it was in 2010 that Oliver started his label, Discos Río Bueno, considered responsible for changing Chile's alternative scenario. “The truth is, I don't think the scenario in Chile has changed. I was fortunate enough to surround myself with friends who worked on renewing Chilean music for several years before me and that gave me the confidence that I could dare to try to export it ”, he says.

Oliver is also director of Fluvial, one of the main events in the music industry in Latin America. “Fluvial was born with the intention of showing Chile and its music in an archetypal environment of the south, like Valdivia, which could differentiate us from the rest of the countries of South America. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to gather a large part of the industry for or four days with international guests to show the effervescence of the Chilean independent scene ”, he says.

And it was through this festival that a great partnership with SIM São Paulo emerged. The two events began to share international guests and delegations, which brought benefits to both. “When sharing speakers, we also share certain themes on the panels. So every year we keep in touch with Fabiana Batistela , director of SIM. to optimize resources and themes in common between the two events ”, explains Oliver.

Oliver currently divides his time in the direction of the Fluvial festival, with works with IMICHILE and Chilemúsica “O IMICHILE was the beginning of a collective around the independent scene in Chile. We can say that it was the initial moment of the formation of a small industry around something that at that moment was closer to being a community. This initiative was born in search of a way to participate in international events such as SXSW or Primavera Pro , was what Chilemúsica managed to consolidate after 10 years, a brand that can promote Chilean music in the abroad,” explains Oliver.




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