Connection and business platform for music industry professionals, artists, creatives, innovators, transformers from around the world, SIM Community is on the air.

It will premiere in beta and with free access until October 20th and will have exclusive content and interaction possibilities for subscribers, such as chats, lounges, dissemination murals and content interaction of participants, exhibition of brands and projects, meeting scheduling tool, registration for pitch sessions and voting for the SIM Award.

In addition to stimulating dialogues to strengthen the market with activities throughout the year, SIM 2020 will also take place there. It is at SIM Community that the accredited will be able to attend lectures, debates, workshops, visit the exhibitors' hall, participate in meetups, meetings, cocktails and other networking activities.

Music industry agents from around the world can register and participate . From October 21, access will be restricted to SIM 2020 subscribers and accredited.

A assinatura da SIM Community terá modalidade mensal (R$15) e anual (R$165). Assinantes não têm acesso à programação completa da oitava edição SIM São Paulo, que se inicia em 03 de novembro, mas podem adquirir a PRO-BADGE com 30% de desconto ou optar por ingressos avulsos para qualquer atividade do evento, como palestras, debates, workshops, speed-meetings fechados com convidados, e outros conteúdos exclusivos da SIM 2020 (de R$ 5,00 a R$ 50,00).

For those who want to participate in SIM 2020 without losing any conference, connection and business activities, the credential (PRO-BADGE) is the best option. They will be available for purchase from October on the portal. At launch, 200 credentials will be made available in the Early Bird format for just R$50.00. Afterwards, R$250.00 (1st batch until 10/15), R$350.00 (2nd batch until 10/31) and R$450.00 (3rd batch from 11/01). PRO-BADGE also gives access to SIM Community until 12/31/2020.

All artistic programming (official showcases, collaborative programming, networking cocktails) of SIM São Paulo 2020 is open and free to the general public and will be broadcast here at

The 8th edition SIM São Paulo takes place between November 3rd and December 6th, further expanding its reach in national and international territory. With 70 panels, including lectures, debates, workshops and meetups with guests from different countries, and about 300 showcases from artists from around the world, the SIM 2020 agenda is based on the theme Música Viva !, with four pillars: innovation, information, connection and motivation. Access the SIM Community and follow!

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