Created in 2015, the Africa Digital Media Foundation has carried out educational programs on digital media that have impacted the lives of dozens of people with work that includes international partnerships and the development of incubators. Many of his actions took place in refugee camps and underprivileged communities, always trying to provide tools and exposure for Kenya's young talent.

Already thinking about the future, the institution started in May a research to better understand the needs and desires of the creative community of that country and to understand how it could expand its performance even more. The results were recently published.

The study had three objectives:

1 - Make sure they were providing support to the creative community correctly.

2 - Understand the way they were carrying out the actions and look for new ideas and solutions for the new emerging challenges.

3 - Provide data to other institutions on the struggles and voices of the community.

The survey was carried out through a questionnaire with 28 questions, which included demographic data, personal and work information. This material was distributed by e-mail and social networks, initially to people on the institution's mailing list, but was soon expanded to a larger group, thus aiming at greater representation in various sectors of the creative industry. In a second moment, discussion groups were created where all the questions were deepened and, finally, interviews were made in restricted groups with professionals in the same area, such as entrepreneurs, photographers or sound technicians. The study was completed in July and all interviews and groups were conducted through virtual meetings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The results were compiled, in a reduced form, into eight topics:

Solidarity and collaboration.

One of the main findings of the research was the desire of creative entrepreneurs in Kenya to promote collaborative actions, in which they can discuss and share solutions that are good for all. This became clear in the participation of the research itself and how much they were willing to include other people in the market without any kind of competitiveness, understanding the importance of forming a community aiming at common goals.

To have and not to have

There is a sense among creative entrepreneurs that success attracts success. Those who are established will have more customers and more opportunities, while part of the sector suffers from a lack of resources and technical knowledge. For this cycle not to be perpetuated it is necessary to believe in yourself, that it can be broken.

Gender difference.

The female presence in the digital market is still very low and urgent measures are needed to promote equality and inclusion.

Learning desire

There is an awareness that it is necessary to be updated to stay on top. From the youngest to the most experienced people, everyone showed a desire to be up to date in technology, marketing and to learn how to strengthen their brands.

Financing difficulties

According to the research, there is a big gap in obtaining credit for financing creative projects, and it becomes more difficult to maintain long-term projects like a film, or even to obtain resources for the purchase of photographic material or equipment for music production.


The research itself points out that, even with several associations active in the cultural sector, there is a part of the sector that remains unknown and that, despite the fear that they do not know how to act to establish themselves in the market, it is not known what kind of support could be given to them.

Payment for work.

Much of the creative industry suffers from the lack of payment by customers. The research indicates that many professionals attribute this to a lack of appreciation and understanding of the work they do, and that they are often forced to lower the combined price, and yet still face difficulties to receive what is due to them.

And now?

Although the research pointed out a series of difficulties and challenges faced by the creative industry, the objective is to promote a change from top to bottom. There was a need to establish meaningful partnerships that can promote change and promote long-term change, instead of seeking immediate solutions.

To learn more about the work and actions of the Africa Digital Media Foundation, click here.

Recalling that this Tuesday, November 24, the Meetup African Professionals will take place within the programming of SIM São Paulo, a meeting with music professionals from different countries in Africa in a speed meeting format with prior registration for presentation and an excellent opportunity to building partnerships and projects.

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