In another year of partnership with SIM São Paulo, SODEC, Quebec's cultural industries support agency, brings to SIM São Paulo highlights of the Canadian province's production, and this time the emphasis goes to the incredible and diverse local Hip Hop scene. During the Quebec Networking Cocktail, which will take place on December 2nd from 5pm, there will be performances by five artists who were part of the line up of the festival M for Montrealwhich took place between 17 and 19 November: Backxwash, Magi Merlin, Nate Husser, Skiifall and SLM.

We talked to Jean-Philippe Sauvé, SODEC's (Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises) delegate for international affairs, who spoke about the partnership with SIM São Paulo: "This will be the 6th edition of SIM São Paulo in which Quebec is a presenting partner and the second year in which M for Montreal (a world-renowned festival) presents a virtual showcase. There is a natural affinity between the current Quebec music scene and the sounds that are emerging at SIM São Paulo. This becomes evident throughout the year just by the incredible reaction of Brazilian music lovers to the Quebec bands that have been presented, such as Afrotronix, Les Deuxluxes, Vox Sambou, Pierre Kwenders, Land of Talkjust to name a few. Great business-to-business collaborations have also happened over the years, with local Brazilian record labels, producers and festival programmers wanting to work with Quebec artists in the Brazilian market. And at the same time, Quebec-based festival programmers have been able to be in touch with the incredible Brazilian talent on display at SIM São Paulo, some have received invitations to play here in Quebec."

About the action at this year's edition of SIM São Paulo, with the screening of pre-recorded performances by Canadian artists he explains, " The M for Montreal festival did an amazing job creating a very cinematic experience with the virtual hip-hop showcase that will be programmed at SIM São Paulo. This is not a typical showcase, every aspect of the production has been meticulously arranged to create something special and unique."

Jean-Philippe concludes by talking about the choice of hip-hop artists: "Until now, hip-hop has not been featured often in our SIM showcases, even though the strength of the scene today in Montreal and throughout Quebec is obvious. And many of the artists in this presentation are really as involved in other styles (funk, r&b, metal), as they are with hip-hop. The bands chosen (SLM, Magi Merlin, Nate Husser, Skiifall and Backxwash) were selected by the M for Montreal programming team, favouring artists who are ready to hit the international stage."

Learn more about the participating artists :


Ashanti Mutinta is a producer and rapper based in Montreal but born and raised in Zambia. Under the name Backxwash, she has become one of the most powerful voices in the underground and the main representative of Queer Horrorcore, a musical style that mixes hip hop, Industrial and metal. As a black trans woman, she has faced many adversities and she expresses this poignantly in her music. Her work became best known with the album God Has Nothing to Do With This Leave Him Out of It, with which it won the prestigious Polaris 2020 award.



SLM (pronounced "Slim") is still a new name, but its growth has been exponential. Just over a year into her career, she managed to get recognition during the pandemic by leveraging the reach of online performances. Her debut album, SLM: The Complete Flex Season last winter, comes full of songs that deal with empowerment and emancipation, highlighting her desire to break boundaries. Unafraid to be unsettling and provocative, she puts herself at risk to face new challenges, highlighting the profound failure of systemic racism. Yet she does not consider herself an activist: her existence as a black artist is a political act in itself.



At just 23 years of age, singer-songwriter Magi Merlin has soon become a well-known figure in Montreal's music scene. Engaging, seductive and not afraid to express her ideas, she makes music with a clever fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and pop music, quite evident in her single So Smoothreleased last year. In 2021 Magi has already released two singles, Mock meat and To The Beach, and the excellent Drug Music EP.



One of the most internationally recognized figures of Montreal hip-hop and self-proclaimed "LeBron James of Montreal hip-hop", Nate Husser started out in a band but soon embarked on a solo career with which he gained visibility and respect in the scene. With a peculiar voice and the quality of his lyrics, in the last years Nate has won numerous awards and critical attention in several countries. After the mini-album Geto Rock For The Youth 2017, and the narrative series of EPs Minus 23, 6º and 23 in 2018-2019, this summer he released Adult Supervision, album featuring Mick Jenkins and Jean Deaux.



Originally from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and based in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district, Skifall first got into music through the support of a teacher and participation in the community studio NotBadSound. Since then things have accelerated quickly: his track Ting Tun Up has won praise from R&B singer Jorja Smith and BBC Radio 1 DJ Benji B. Virgil Abloh, well-known fashion designer and artistic director of the Louis Vuitton and Off-White labels, asked Skiifall to sign the soundtrack to one of his latest advertising campaigns, and since then several UK record labels have begun bidding for contracts. His first EP, Woiiyoie Tapes vol. 1, was launched last August.

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