The ninth edition of the São Paulo International Music Week will take place from December 1st to 5th and, this time, the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS gains body and new partners to reveal new trends and artistic movements.

With an initial forecast of 15 candidates, the choice was even more comprehensive, contemplating 18 names. Last Friday, November 12th, the finalists were announced. They will perform for ten minutes in front of a panel of experts and music buyers, representatives from labels, recording companies, agencies, concert halls, and events from several parts of Brazil and the world. Three festivals, the Lisbon International Music Networking (MIL), from Lisbon, Portugal, the the Festival SeRasgum and (Belém, PA) and Festival CoMA (Brasília, DF), will be present with the mission of choosing one artist each to compose their lineups in 2022 with tickets paid by SIM São Paulo! The presentations will take place on December 02, 03 and 04, at 7pm, online through the platform of lives Taboom! (

Among those selected is Rico Manzano from São Paulo who, although he released his first solo work only last year, already has a long curriculum in music, among other positions as a music producer, musician, composer and beatmaker. "I work and have worked with several artists in recent years, I have produced many soundtracks for films and documentaries as well. Although I have navigated many paths, music has always been present in my life. I've been in the background for a long time, whether in music production, executive production, as a lawyer in copyright law or playing in bands," explains the artist.

Rico Manzano's first single came out late last year, and after a string of songs, finally in October 2021 he released his first EP, Trop!cal Lo-fi. "I really look for a sound that's different from everything else that's going on and with references that often have nothing to do with the type of sound I make, but that somehow manage to fit into the 'beats', because the music, in the end, is one", says Rico, who defines his music as the result of a long-standing study into the mixture of electronic and organic sounds, traditional and modern. "I didn't expect that an instrumental sound, in a slow beat, would reach the plays it did. In less than a year we have already added more than 400 thousand plays on all streaming platforms," he says.

About the sound of the EP, Rico explains: "It's a mixture of Lo-fi with Hip Hop, Brazilian Funk, Traditional Music, MPB, Jazz and R&B. I believe I performed the first live Lo-fi show in Brazil, which took place at Vila Itororó, in São Paulo, in October 2021. My main objective, musically, is to unite the essence of Bonobo and João Donato", which is quite a mix! As for future plans, Rico says that the release of various singles and an album with many special participations is already planned.

Looking forward to participating in the SIM´s New Artist Pitch, Rico says he is honoured to be part of such a select group, and talks about the importance of the presentation: "The Pitch is extremely important for new artists as it is an opportunity to showcase their work to very qualified and influential people in the music industry. I believe very much in connections and I think many doors can open from this Pitch. I also think it's fundamental on a strategic level for any artist to sign up to music fairs and participate in them. A lot of inspiration can be absorbed from these spaces, either in the debate tables, or in the Showcases and Pitches I believe that the show format that I propose, sound and correlation with different styles and cultures can draw the attention of the panel".

And as with most of those selected, Rico said he was surprised by the news: "Wow, it was a shock! I really didn't think I'd be selected because it's such a recent work, and I'm so happy it happened! We are preparing a very special presentation, with unpublished material, wait for us".


Good luck to Rico!

Listen to more music from Rico Manzano here:

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