The ninth edition of SIM São Paulo ended last Sunday. Named "The Light Edition"In only five days, it fulfilled its objective of celebrating the meeting and reconnections, stimulating dialogue, listening, looking at oneself, the other and the collective, fundamental in the process of reconstruction of a new music market.

In a hybrid edition, SIM 2021 had part of its programming online and part in person, such as the opening party, which took place on the evening of December 1st and gathered 300 accredited participants at the Blue Note, in São Paulo, a place that also hosted a series of activities during the event. The highlight of the evening was the premiere performance of the De Repente, which brings together Rhaissa Bittar, Luiza Fittipaldi, MC Dellacroix, Du Gomide,Raíssa Fayet,eGuilherme Kastrup. Completando a animação, a festa teve discotecagem das DJs Dé Schw and Lys Ventura.

Show Projeto De Repente at the opening of SIM São Paulo

The second day began with a meditation exercise, part of a series of activities for mental health in the music market, prepared in partnership with the AHA! Desenvolvimento de Potenciaisa company dedicated to disseminating integral attention to people's lives and health. The initiative had great importance for being the first to launch a specific look at music professionals. The programme also included connection rounds that approached themes such as self-knowledge, stimulation of confidence and assertive communication.

Also on the morning of the 2nd, the Brazil-France Meetup took place, a conversation between Brazilian and French professionals and artists about new actions of cultural collaboration to expand the exchange of artistic content between the two countries. This was the first of a series of thirteen Meetups that took place during the SIM, dealing with important themes such as the power of the Asian cultural market in the Connecting with Asia Meetup, the Legal Amazon Meetup who spoke about the strength of the cultural production of the nine states and the need to put the region on the Brazilian music industry map, and also the Meetup NYIVA Invites Latin American Metropolis Venues where the New York Independent Venue Association shared its experience with stakeholders.

The programme also included online meetups Connect With Africa, ABRAFIN Invites Artists, Indie Week Special Nation x Nationwith Brazilian and Canadian buyers, the Minas Gerais Meetup, SEBRAE Invites New Businesses of Culture for a Talk on Entrepreneurship, European Buyers and the Future of Touring, ABRAFIN Invites Festivals from Latin America and the face-to-face ones UBC Invites Artists, Labels and Producers, and Latin America- Circulation, Collaboration and Information..

Meetup UBC Invites artists, labels and producers - Blue Note

SIM São Paulo also had the Open Meeting We Are All Survivorsa productive round of listening in which professionals shared their experiences during the pandemic, and spoke about their projects and careers, and the Brainstorm Session: Ideas for the Near Futurewith the mediation of the SIM general director, Fabiana Batistela, who during the event also launched the CRIA Project:. Another conversation, the Reflection circle: Where do you think music will be in 100 years? discussed musicians' and producers' perceptions of the future of music, humanity and the planet.

As is already a tradition at SIM, a series of Networking Cocktails were the afternoon highlights of the programme. The first of these was Quebec, Canadáa partnership with SODEC, Quebec's cultural industries support agency which brought a showcase of powerful contemporary hip hop from that region. The UK participated with a cocktail party showcasing a selection of new Brazilian talents who participated in the ASA (Arte Sônica Amplificada) and the screening of the film Horizons: A World of MusicAs has happened in recent years, the SEBRAE-MG promoted the protagonism of artists from Minas Gerais presenting the work of six names. Italy, in turn, promoted a cocktail party in which he presented the plurality of Italian music with eight artists of different styles and regions of his country.

Performance by rapper SLM during the Quebec Cocktail Party, Canada.

The ninth edition of SIM did not have the traditional showcases, but music continued to feature prominently on the programme, with the New Artists Pitchwhich this year took shape and brought 18 new names to perform before a panel of specialists and music buyers, representatives of labels, record companies, agencies, concert halls and events from various parts of Brazil and the world. Three festivals, the Lisbon International Music Networking (MIL), from Lisbon, Portugal, the the Festival SeRasgum and (Belém, PA) and Festival CoMA (Brasília, DF), estiveram presentes com a missão de escolher um artista cada para compor seus lineups em 2022 com passagens pagas pela SIM São Paulo!

The presentations took place online, through the lives platform Taboom! on 2, 3 and 4 December. The finalists will be announced soon.

Otis Trio performs at the 74 Club Collaborative Programming Presents the Music of ABC

Music also featured in the Collaborative Programmingwhich this year took place in two ways: online at the SIM Portal, with the presentation of Paraguayan artists curated by CRANEAmúsicaand a selection of New Artists from ABC Paulista curated by 74 clubone of the most active houses in promoting new music in the region; And in person, with Coala Night at Studio SPwhich featured presentations by MC Nego Balathe singer and composer Bebé and the DJ Samuca, the Selo Bananada and Relva Music night at Patio Layback/Selina with Rico Manzano, RROCHA and special guests. On the 3rd, Tiê performed a show at Studio SP with the participation of Valmir Lins, and at the Cine Jóia Sebastianismos showed his most recent work, Tóxico, in a performance with special appearances by Dani Weeks (NX Zero), Badauí (CPM22), Day Limnsand closing party Malfestona, by visual artist Malfeitona.

Launch of S.O.M on SIM

On Sunday the launch of Mídia Ninja's platform took place at NAVE S.O.M NA SIM São Paulowith a round of conversation between , director of SIM São Paulo, which also has the SIM Community platform, soon to be relaunched, the long-time partner Anderson Foca of the DoSol festival, which has also been working on the sense of community for years in Natal (RN) and Talles Lopesone of the directors of the S.O.M platform and also one of the creators of Midia Ninja.

Roundtable with Fabiana Batistela (SIM São Paulo), Anderson Foca (DoSOL Festival) and Talles Lopes (S.O.M /Mídia Ninja)

On the same day the the closing partyalso happens at the NAVE, with lively shows by Marilia Lopes and Romero Ferro in a very special and touching presentation with the distinguished participations of Lucy Alves and Otto, who among other emblematic songs sang Quando Ele Perguntar Por Mim.

Show Romero Ferro with Lucy Alves and Otto at the closing party of the ninth edition of SIM

After the show, the guys from NAVE promoted an open mic for the artists present and the audience could enjoy pocket shows by Raidol, Viviane Pitaya, Renata Soul and Helder Novaes.

Thank you @calvinkleinbrasil and all the partners. Thank you team and artists. Thank you to everyone who participated and believes in the power of music to build a better world. Let's write a new future together.

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