Second episode of SIM BLÁ talks about censorship and new concert formats

One of the first steps in the new phase of SIM São Paulo, in which it is no longer simply an event and becomes a platform for connection and content on the music market, is the SIM BLÁ podcast. Every Friday, a new episode airs with members of the SIM Advisory Council talking about everything that really matters to anyone who is a fan of music or works with culture.

This week Fabiana Batistela, director of SIM São Paulo, mediated the conversation between Verônica Pessoa (France), Fabio Silveira (RJ), Maithe Bertolini (SP), Ricardo Rodrigues (SP) and Katia Abreu (SP) about cultural dismantling and censorship, new formats of shows and festivals online and in person, the increase in the number of artists participating in the 90% most played on Spotify and the survival of small and medium sized concert halls around the world.

Follow SIM BLÁ weekly and be part of this discussion. The first season of SIM BLÁ is an offer from Mastercard and will have 12 episodes - from August to October - launched here on our website.

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• Verônica Pessoa:
Israeli intervention in the Palestinian national music conservatory and dismantle culture as a resource for authoritarian governments to succeed in their power project.
Musical Tip: Selma Uamusse – HOYO HOYO

• Fabio Silveira: Spotify results in the second quarter, mainly the expansion of the number of artists that are among the 90% most played. Brazilian music as a power not explored / encouraged by the government.
Musical Tip: Hiran – Gosto de Quero Mais

• Maithe Bertolini: your impressions of the online edition of Tomorrowland and the new festivals and virtual shows with immersive experiences
Musical Tip: ATR part. Michu – In My Stereo

• Ricardo Rodrigues: Design and operation of Casa Link, new show formats mixing live and virtual and the possibility of higher revenue and reaching more people with online content
Musical Tip: Amanda Magalhães – Na sua casa

• Katia Abreu: Survival of small and medium sized venues in the United States, in the United Kingdom and Brazil and the different associations that are emerging to strengthen the struggle for state policies that assist these circuits
Musical Tip: Land of talk – Footnotes




Realization: Inker Agência Cultural and SIM São Paulo
Sponsorship: Mastercard
Production: Deep Leaks – Juliano Parreira e Gustavo Koshikumo
Presenting: Fabiana Batistela
Content Coordination: Maithe Bertolini
Editorial Council: Fabiana Batistela, Katia Abreu and Maithe Bertolini

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