Official Showcases - Rules

SIM São Paulo opens space for bands and artists who want to perform online during the December 2, 3, 4 and 5 days, from 14h to 20h, inside professional and official program of the event.

Showcases are short shows in order to show the content and performance of the band or artist to an audience of professionals in the music market and opinion makers from all over Brazil and from several countries. It is a promotional investment by the band or artist itself with a focus on developing new connections, opening doors to new territories, doing new business.





- The registration of proposals for OFFICIAL SHOWCASES at SIM SÃO PAULO 2020 will be made via the form on the official website of the event from 26/08/2020 to 09/27 / 2020 .

- The final list of selected musical projects will be released on 12/10/2020 on the SIM SÃO PAULO website and official channels.

- It is essential to correctly complete all fields indicated as mandatory in the form on the official website.

- Physical materials will not be accepted. Any information sent outside the form available on the event's official website will not be considered.

- You can participate in any and every authorial musical project, by a solo artist or band, any style, city, state or country.

- Cannot subscribe bands or artists who have been selected and played in the OFFICIAL SHOWCASES program in one of the last 3 editions of SIM SÃO PAULO.

- A total of 40 musical projects will be chosen, which will be presented between 2 pm and 8 pm on December 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2020. Specific dates and times for each performance will be defined after the selection and announcement of names.

- One showcase per day will be reserved for an artist chosen through the platform SIM Transforma for connection with the periphery.

- The selection will be made by the SIM SÃO PAULO Advisory Council , formed by professionals from various sectors of the music market and specialized journalists, according to the following criteria:

  1. Artistic quality and originality of the material presented in the form: compositions, recordings, videos, texts.
  2. Acceptance of the conditions of this regulation.
  3. Level of professionalism of the band, taking into account the technical quality of the material presented, team and / or work organization, arguments and commitment to the career.
  4. Availability and willingness to establish new partnerships and close shows in other places outside of his hometown.
  5. Adequacy to the concept of the event, fostering and exposing new proposals and musical trends.

- The presentations will be transmitted with free access to the general public via the internet on the SIM São Paulo portal and on SIM's partner streaming platform, to be defined.



- Musical performances may be held in São Paulo in a studio provided by SIM São Paulo or in any other place where the artist wishes, provided the minimum technical specifications required by SIM São Paulo for performance transmission is met (a guide manual with the required technical information will be sent to all selected bands).

- All bands and artists who perform at the studio provided by SIM São Paulo will have access to the technical rider assembled by specialized professionals with quality equipment (which can meet different set formats), the equipment necessary for capturing and transmitting live video and sound content, made by a specialized team following COVID-19 security protocols .

- All artists who are performing from other locations must follow all COVID-19 protocols in the region they are performing from .

– Todos os artistas que estiverem se apresentando de outros locais deverão seguir todos os protocolos de COVID-19 da região de onde estiverem se apresentando.

- The consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances during the transmission / recording of the Showcase is not allowed.

– O Showcase deverá ter 30 minutos de duração que serão divididos em 5 minutos de entrevista ao vivo com apresentador da SIM São Paulo, mais 25 minutos de apresentação artística. Atrasos ou apresentações mais longas não serão aceitos, para que os outros showcases do dia não sejam prejudicados.

– O dia e horário de cada showcase serão definidos pela organização do evento com 30 dias de antecedência da data de apresentação e deverá ser respeitado e cumprido rigorosamente.

- If the band has sponsorship for the realization of their showcase , you must inform SIM São Paulo up to 7 days in advance. In this case, it will be the exclusive responsibility of the band or artist to pay the payment to ECAD, or to request a waiver of the same, if applicable, exempting the organization of the event from any responsibility. The organization of the event will be able to communicate all setlists and their respective responsible parties to ECAD, if requested by this entity, and require proof of due payment or release of copyrights within 24 hours before the showcase, under penalty of the presentation being canceled if the artist does not comply with the above rules.

– Caso a banda tenha patrocínio para a realização de seu showcase, deverá informar a SIM São Paulo com até 7 dias de antecedência. Nesse caso, caberá exclusivamente a banda ou artista arcar com o pagamento ao ECAD, ou pedido de dispensa do mesmo, se for o caso, isentando a organização do evento de qualquer responsabilidade. A organização do evento poderá comunicar todos os setlists e seus respectivos responsáveis ao ECAD, caso solicitado por esta entidade, e exigir o comprovante do devido pagamento ou liberação de direitos autorais em até 24 horas antes do showcase, sob pena do cancelamento da apresentação caso o artista não cumpra as regras acima.

- It is forbidden to artists and bands to show brands and / or promote products during the showcase without the express authorization of the event organization, and it is now prohibited to show competing brands and / or products to sponsors and partners of the event. , or sponsors of the showcases that have not been previously informed to the organization of the event .

- SIM São Paulo sponsor brands will be displayed before, during and after the showcase presentation, and / or will be displayed on the show's exhibition page.

- Lettering, Image or QRCode ads from SIM partners poderão ser veiculados durante a apresentação dos showcases. Nesse caso, 30% do valor líquido arrecadado com esses anúncios será destinado a banda ou artista.

- São Paulo International Music Week is a business fair, therefore, there is no fee or travel expenses for showcases at SIM São Paulo's studio or sound, video and internet structure anywhere chosen by the artist for the presentation.

- The transmission of SHOWCASES will be free of charge to the public in general through the Twitch streaming platform, with transmission within the SIM São Paulo portal.

- All showcases may be recorded by the event organizer, for purposes of portfolio and promotional disclosure of SIM SÃO PAULO. If the artist wishes, the recorded showcase can still be distributed, after the event, in audiovisual format or audio only, on the audio and video streaming platforms. For this, the artist must sign another Recording and Commercial Distribution Authorization Term to be provided by the event organization, through which the artist will, in this way, receive ⅓ of the collection by monetization via streaming or download the material.

– Todos os showcases poderão ser gravados pela organização do evento, para fins de portfólio e divulgação promocional da SIM SÃO PAULO. Caso seja da vontade do artista, o showcase gravado poderá ser ainda distribuído, após o evento, em formato audiovisual ou só áudio, nas plataformas de streaming de áudio e vídeo. Para isso, o artista deverá assinar um outro Termo de Autorização de Gravação e Distribuição Comercial a ser fornecido pela organização do evento, através do qual o artista irá, dessa forma, receber ⅓ da arrecadação pela monetização via streaming ou download do material.

- During the showcase show on the Twitch channel, it will be possible for the viewers to make donations to the band or artist, and the net amount collected will be entirely allocated to the band or artist, discounting only administrative transaction costs or fees from the partner streaming platform.

- New forms of commercial monetization, such as gamification or other formats, may be negotiated by the event at any time, but will only be shown during a showcase with the artist's authorization.

- If the artist disregards any of the above rules, the transmission of his presentation may be interrupted immediately without notice. The artist may also lose the right to receive any payment for advertisements that are not served properly during his showcase due to non-compliance with the rules by him or his team.



- All official members of the selected bands will receive a PRO-BADGE (individual and non-transferable credential) that gives free access to all SIM SÃO PAULO 2020 activities and actions and SIM Community until the 31 / 12/2020.

- In the case of selected solo artists, the artist and the musicians who accompany him in the showcase presentation will win a PRO-BADGE.

- Each band / artist is entitled to 2 (two) PRO-BADGES for 2 (two) members of their team of their choice (manager, producer, etc.).

– PRO-BADGES adicionais poderão ser adquiridas por todos os artistas participantes da SIM SÃO PAULO 2020 pelo valor promocional de R$ 50,00. Limite total de 3 (três) unidades por artista. Prazo final para a compra: 30/10/2020 ou até o final do lote promocional (total de 350 unidades).

– Todas as bandas e artistas selecionados serão divulgados no portal da SIM São Paulo, na SIM Community, nas redes sociais oficiais da SIM, assessoria de imprensa do evento e em todos os canais de comunicação da SIM São Paulo.



- Participation in this selection automatically implies acceptance of the terms and contents of this regulation.

- The judgment of the proposals is the exclusive competence of the SIM SÃO PAULO Consultative Council. The Advisory Board's decision is final and unquestionable.

- This regulation can be changed at the discretion of the event organization, and bands and artists should regularly consult this page to check for any possible changes.


- More Information: [email protected]