Called "The Light Edition", the ninth edition of SIM will have a compact program 100% focused on (re)connections and (re)encounters. The proposal comes to stimulate dialogue, listening, looking at oneself, the other and the collective, fundamental in the process of (re)building a new music market.

The ninth edition of the São Paulo International Music Week is confirmed: from December 1st to 5th, professionals, artists and culture changers will again be able to meet in activities and actions promoted by the largest music industry fair in Latin America. The hybrid format will mix online activities with face-to-face meetings during the five-day event. And the program, although reduced - in respect to the delicate moment we are still living - will continue as special as in previous years.

SIM believes that in order to think about market reconstruction, we need first of all to reorganize and re-approach ourselves. Therefore, it proposes a program focused on meetings, conversations, therapy sessions and group dynamics, activities of self-knowledge and self-care, as well as raising awareness about the collective. Meetings, meetings, and more meetings, where everyone has a voice and everyone listens. This is what The Light Edition will be made.

The start will be given at the - traditionally hotly contested - opening event, which this year takes place at the Blue Noteand will RE-UNITE only 300 people on the night of December 1st with a special concert to be announced soon. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, more than 50 online and in-person meetups will propose reflections and exchanges on themes that place music as a vital force for humanity and a springboard for new future possibilities, as well as discussions about market reorganization.

This year, SIM will not hold its OFFICIAL SHOWCASES, however, the fair will not fail to present an unmissable lineup of new artistic proposals. In 2021, the PITCH OF NEW ARTISTS is gaining a body and new partners and proposes to discover new trends and artistic movements from all corners of Brazil. Fifteen brand new and promising names of Brazilian music will be chosen to perform between December 2nd and 4th, at 7pm, online through the platform of lives Taboom! ( It's worth a spot on the 2022 festival lineups MIL from Lisbon (PT), SeRasgum (Belém, PA) e CoMA (Brasília, DF), with travel expenses paid by SIM itself.

The collaborative artistic programming will take place in two ways: at night, in some of the venues that have managed to get back into operation (free access for those with credentials), and on the homepage of the SIM portal during the weekend of the 4th and 5th.

In addition to hosting the launch party, the Blue Note Besides hosting the launch party, the Blue Note will also become an important ally in 2021 and will be the pro-area for accredited attendees on the 2nd and 3rd, Thursday and Friday, from 10am to 5pm. With the SIM wristband, you have free access to the space to schedule meetings, make networking lunches, have drinks in the late afternoon, or simply show up to make new contacts and meet up with old friends. This is also where the face-to-face meetups will take place.

All online activities will take place on the SIM online platform which can be accessed at All online activities will take place on SIM's online platform that can be accessed at for accredited users only. With the exception of the artistic activities, which will be displayed for free on the portal's homepage, and the pitch session for new artists, broadcast live on the TABOOM! (available for iPhone and Android).

To participate in all SIM 2021 activities, in person or online, you must purchase a credential (PRO-BADGE), which this year will also be limited to 1000 units. Registration is scheduled to begin on 11/18.

More than a festival of new artistic trends, a conference and a music business fair, SIM SÃO PAULO in 2021 will be an event of reconnections with the other, with the collective, and with ourselves.



December 1st


Opening Party

December 2-3

10am to 10pm

Online programming: meetups / networking cocktails / pitching of new artists /

speed-meetings / all in

Face-to-face programming: meetups and pro-area at Blue Note / nightly collaborative programming in concert halls

December 4-5

10am to 10pm

Online programming: meetups / networking cocktails / pitching of new artists /

speed-meetings / collaborative programming / tudo em

Face-to-face programming: meetups and pro-area at Blue Note / nightly collaborative programming in concert halls


Information for the press: [email protected]

Information for interested artists and the public: [email protected]