In 2006, architects Alejandro Haiek Coll and Eleanna Cadalso joined a series of artists and collectives to promote the occupation of an abandoned area in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. In a short time, what was an abandoned parking lot became the Cultural Park Tiuna El Fuerte, one of the main cultural centers of the city. Today the area of ​​about 7500 square meters includes classrooms, open-air auditoriums, offices and workshops. The entire infrastructure of the park was designed to be made with alternative, cheaper techniques, using containers as the main building element. The project received awards for its innovative character.

Tiuna el Fuerte is a cultural park that arose from the need to create spaces that enable the development of artistic-cultural projects aimed at children, adolescents and young people from popular sectors in situations of social disadvantage as a form of socio-cultural, economic and productive creation that benefit them, ”says Camilo Moreno, DJ and cultural activist who heads Radio Verdura, one of the countless projects developed by the foundation.

Always believing in art as a transforming agent, the cultural park usually serves more than 500 children and teenagers each day. Among the most sought after activities is the Laboratory of Urban Action, which offers training courses lasting three months. One of the most sought after is hip hop, directed by the rap artists Apache, also known as Cultur MC and Piky.

Many of the students who go through the hip hop course end up recording their own records in the studio created in the park, which, in addition to serving the community, is next to the production of artistic pieces, one of the sources of income that maintains the project of self-sustaining way. “At the beginning we had the support of government institutions. Today we do our best to keep Tiuna El Fuerte afloat with self-management and on very specific projects that seek alliances with organizations that create and identify with the work we do, ”explains Camilo.

Music has always been one of the main fields of activity for Tina El Fuerte, who in 2012 hosted a local edition of the Un-Convention, a project created in Manchester by the activist Ruth Daniel, que works with independent musicians so they don't depend on labels or labels to distribute and publicize their art.

In its 15 years of existence, Tiuna El Fuerte has become an example of successful action, offering an improvement in the quality of life of the local community and has become a space for building a future that has had consequences even in the reduction of violence. “In complex times, of fighting interests, of fighting ideas in an infinite sequence of events, art comes as an expression of ideas, feelings and emotions. It cannot be indifferent to humanity's demands for humanity, the happiness of women and men ”, says camilo, who adds:“ The people know that culture is the last resort, the only real nucleus that remains for the unity for the salvation, and that the clearest, most immediate, most understandable, most solid and solidified cultural activity is music par excellence. Therefore, art is a calling element, educator, dynamic, catalyst of social processes. With art, everyday life can be taken by storm, with ideas, emotions and feelings necessary to start drawing a different collective conscience that points towards the construction of a happier and fair society. ”

Camilo is one of the participants of panel Creativity wins over covid-19, basic resistance to the pandemic, which will air this Friday, November 6, here on the SIM São Paulo portal. This will be the first of a série de quatro painéis carried out in partnership with the organization In Place Of War,, and that will be displayed always at 8 pm, which will be the only training activity open to the public and made available free of charge.

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