I have always had a close relationship with music. All the events of my life had a soundtrack and so I built my whole affective memory. Music defined my personal life and pointed the way for my professional career, as a musician, TV director and writer.

I started playing the guitar and soon I formed a band, Pin Ups, with whom I recorded seven albums, did shows all over the country, lived with a scene that was being formed. In parallel, I took other projects, such as working at MTV, where for almost two decades I wrote and directed more than 40 programs and specials. "Lado B", "Supernova", "Jornal da MTV" and specials like "The VMB program". In my travels, I recorded numerous interviews abroad, with names like Joe Strummer, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Metallica and Lou Reed.

I performed works as a phonographic producer, directed musical shows, video clips, presented a TV program, published the book Discoteca Básica and I am one of the curators of the In-Edit festival, dedicated to musical documentaries.

And in that moment when the São Paulo International Music Week stops being just an event to become a content platform, I assume the responsibility of being the editor of the portal. I followed the event from the beginning, and learned a lot in all editions. Even working in the market for a long time, the multidisciplinary exchange that the event brings showed me the full potential of the sector; everything that music is capable of. That's how it happens, people participate in SIM and leave transformed. Therefore, my expectations are the best possible. The work that is being carried out is very serious, delicate, done with great care, and with a difficult vision to find there. Therefore, I believe that my role has an important mission, with a lot of responsibility.

The portal, a channel for the circulation of ideas and information, comes to capture and generate news from the world of music and also from the market, in addition to helping to enhance the power of music as a factor of social transformation and inclusion. We will have daily news from authors and partner sites, podcasts, interviews and audiovisual material available. At the moment in the country, which lacks serious and dedicated music journalism, the portal assumes this function, of seeing music as a factor of social transformation and inclusion.

It will be a daily exercise and a great learning experience to work alongside a team that has changed the way of seeing and thinking about music in Brazil. It brought the notion of responsibility and the greatness of everything that it involves.

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  1. Parabéns meu chapa Zé Antonio, Fabbie e todo o time da SIM. Que notícia legal!